British soccer superstar David Beckham loves Prison Break. So much so that he’s gone and gotten himself a Michael Scofield-style sleeve tattoo. Okay, it’s not quite as elaborate as that, and probably doesn’t contain any secret plans for a prison break. (Although I couldn’t really say for sure.)

It won’t take much more for Beckham to have the full Prison Break tattoo effect going on – he’s already gotten at least nine others, including his wife’s name misspelled in Hindi. In the past the press has ridiculed him for his tattoos, saying he looks more like a “Hell’s Angel biker” than a footballer.

Spreading from his upper arm to his wrist, the new arm sleeve tattoo surrounds a previous cherub tattoo on his upper arm. The new additions took six hours to complete (only an hour or two longer than it took Prison Break makeup artists to apply the fake tattoo to Wentworth Miller each day during filming) and reportedly contains a picture of an angel with wings, surrounded in flames. The Sun claims it is a “guardian angel.” It also has the words “Oderint dum metuant,” which was a favourite saying of the Roman emperor Caligula and means “Let them hate as long as they fear.”

According to Life Style Extra, a source told them that Beckham “has always used tattoos to express his thoughts. He believes his tattoos can ward off negativity and help him battle adversity.”

Apparently he feels he’s had some adversity to battle – sources close to him claim the last few years haven’t been easy for the soccer star, who along with his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, and their three kids, is about to move to LA to play for the LA Galaxy. Although since he’s been signed for $5.5 million a year, I’m not exactly feeling sorry for him.

-Mel Harris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Sources: The Sun, Life Style Extra


Staff Columnist, BuddyTV