Previously on Battlestar Galactica: The Earth, inhabited by the 13th tribe of Cylons including Tyrol, Anders, Tory and Tigh, was nuked 2,000 years ago. Kara found herself, dead. Dualla committed suicide. And Ellen Tigh was revealed to be the final Cylon.

Number Six (Tricia Helfer) and Tigh (Michael Hogan) are in the medical station and Doc Cottle shows them an ultrasound of their baby. Tigh is a bit freaked out, but Number Six is ecstatic that their baby will be the first from a Cylon/Cylon pairing.

Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) is also in sick bay trying to get help for his stump, but he’s forced to wait while Cottle deals with the Cylons. He’s not pleased, and his disgust grows when Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) rushes in needing help for his son Nicholas, who’s peeing blood.

Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) is fielding questions at a press conference, and he won’t discuss concerns over a Cylon being second-in-command or his plans to form a permanent alliance with the Cylons in their fleet. The press asks about the final Cylon, and Lee (Jamie Bamber) lets it slip that it’s a woman, meaning Tigh was quick to tell his pal Bill that Ellen was a Cylon. Good for Saul.

After the conference, Vice President Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) expresses his opposition to a Cylon alliance, and he asks about Roslin’s MIA status. Later, Bill and Lee have a meeting with Tyrol and Tigh about installing Cylon technology into the FTL drives of the fleet. There are major concerns that the people won’t like working with the Cylons, especially if the Cylons are the one installing them.

Tyrol then drops the bomb that he wants the Cylons to become members of the fleet who even get a seat on the Quorum. Gaeta is vocally against the idea, but Bill is willing to take it to the president. He tries to call her, but Roslin (Mary McDonnell) is too busy throwing away all her cancer medication.

Back in sick bay, Nicholas may need a blood transfusion and a new kidney, and while Tyrol wants them to use half-Cylon blood, there’s a big problem because Cottle is forced to tell Tyrol that he’s not the father.

Gaeta has a chat with Starbuck, bringing up old wounds about how she and two Cylons tried to throw him out an airlock for collaborating with the enemy. She makes jokes about his missing leg and he threatens her with retribution for the way she’s siding with her Cylon husband. Before leaving, she states she’s not afraid to hit a cripple.

Zarek meets with the Quorum to stir up anti-Roslin sentiments since her and Bill’s promise of a new home on Earth was a bust. He also gets everyone to focus their hatred on the Cylons, passing a vote that no Cylon may board a ship unless it first has permission from the people on that individual ship.

Roslin decides to get some exercise so she runs around the Galactica when she’s supposed to be getting cancer treatments. Bill isn’t happy about this and he tries to talk some sense into her about how Zarek is taking over in her absence and he’s leading an anti-Cylon agenda. Roslin just doesn’t care anymore, preferring to live for today and not for the future or any silly prophecy about a dying leader.

We haven’t seen Gaius Baltar in a while, but he’s still giving sermons to his devoted flock. He tells the people that they’ve been unfairly punished with a horrible Earth, and that God is to blame and God should come down and ask for forgiveness. This fervor turns into a brawl when Hot Dog shows up and reveals to Tyrol that he’s Nicholas’ biological father, getting a punch in the face for his troubles.

Bill and Tigh are angry that so many ships are refusing to allow Cylons and Cylon technology onboard. Gaeta thinks it’s OK for the ships to do this and that Adama doesn’t have the right to order everyone around. Bill learns of a mutiny aboard a tillium ship and after failing to establish contact, he orders his team to go in.

Then he intercepts a communication between the ship and Zarek in which the vice president encourages the mutiny. Before Adama’s Raptors reach it, the tillium ship jumps away, taking the fleet’s fuel with it.

Adama orders Athena to board Colonial One and arrested Zarek. He adds that if the vice president refuses, she can use deadly force. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get that far and Zarek is arrested and brought back to Galactica. After a quick talk, Zarek gives up the coordinates for the tillium ship. Athena goes and gets it back.

Later, Gaeta visits Zarek in prison and agrees to join the anti-Cylon revolution as Zarek’s second-in-command. As far as getting storylines, losing his leg was the best thing that ever happened to Gaeta. Now he’s a leader in a revolution and he has a boyfriend.

Speaking of bigger storylines, Hot Dog sits down with Nicholas in sick bay and gets parenting lessons from Tyrol, who’s over his anger. I’m guessing that Hot Dog going from background Viper pilot to major player in the Cylon storyline has something to do with the fact that he’s played by Edward James Olmos’ son.

Next week on Battlestar Galactica: Gaeta leads a mutiny to relieve Adama of his command. Needless to say, he doesn’t go quietly.

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