It’s been pretty busy on the Battlestar Galactica front lately.  It’s off air, sure, but inevitably one thing leads to another, and now, we have more former troopers showing up in another sci-fi series, and the soundtracks getting some love (and a release date).

First up, it’s been confirmed that three BSG stars will take roles in another series that will air on Sci Fi, Warehouse 13Tricia Helfer will guest star as an FBI agent based in Chicago, while Michael Hogan will play the father of the show’s star, Myka, played by Joanne Kelly.  (Funnily enough, the person playing Myka’s mom is Hogan’s real-life wife, Susan.)
One more for Warehouse 13: the guy behind the Fleet’s resident lawyer, Mark Sheppard, will star as a mysterious figure who represents the organization behind the Warehouse.  It’s as if they were never really gone, it seems.  That series makes its premiere on Sci Fi on July 7.

And then there’s the soundtrack for BSG’s final season, which will be released on July 21.  The release will be marked by a couple of concerts with the show’s composer, Bear McCreary, at the helm.  The first one, on June 13, will kick off the 2009 Grand Performances Series at the California Plaza in Los Angeles.  The second set of performances will be in San Diego’s House of Blues, from July 23-25, smack in the middle of that year’s Comic-Con.

As for the soundtrack, well, it’s two discs of music from the split-up fourth season, with the music from the series finale–“Daybreak”, which aired in March–featured on the second one.  That one’s out, again, on July 21–but much earlier than that, on June 16, the soundtrack for the BSG prequel, Caprica, will hit shelves (and online stores, surely), also composed by McCreary.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: Sci Fi, Entertainment Weekly
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