A look back at everything that was Battlestar Galactica.

#81 Miniseries, Part 1

On the day the Battlestar Galactica is going to be decommissioned, the Cylons return after a 50-year absence and lead a massive series of attacks, destroying most of the human population. The attack is made after Number Six, a Cylon, infiltrates the military security system by seducing Dr. Gaius Baltar. On Caprica, Helo and Boomer rescue as many people as they can to bring them back to the Galactica. Helo gives up his spot for the renowned Baltar. With most politicians killed in the attack, Secretary of Education Laura Roslin, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, reluctantly assumes the presidency. Commander
Adama mobilizes the crew of the Galactica to fight back, but when the forces prove too great, they jump away.

#80 Miniseries, Part 2

Adama and Roslin struggle with how to lead the fleet. Adama takes the Galactica to a weapons storage area where he encounters Leobon Conoy. After talking, Adama realizes Leoben is a new kind of human-looking Cylon and kills him, though he and a select group of others deal with whether to reveal this new fact that Cylons can look like humans. Baltar deduces that the Galactica PR representative Aaron Doral is another Cylon and he is left to die. Adama commands the fleet at a funeral service and promises that he will lead them to a new promised land called Earth. Other Cylons rescue Doral, and it’s revealed that Boomer is actually a Cylon.

#79 Episode 1.1, “33”

The Cylons chase the weary fleet across vast reaches of space. Every 33 minutes the humans have to jump in order to stay away from the Cylons, who keep catching up to them.

#78 Episode 1.2, “Water”

After a saboteur sets off explosives on Galactica, the ship spills 60 percent of its water supply into space. Adama searches for a new supply.

#77 Episode 1.3, “Bastille Day”

Commander Adama spars with his son as they look for a way to persuade the prisoners of the Astral Queen to help them mine ice from a nearby moon without releasing dangerous criminals back into society.

#76 Episode 1.4, “Act of Contrition”

A celebration turns deadly as several Viper pilots are killed in a freak accident. Adama turns to Starbuck to train new pilots only to discover the truth about his son Zak’s death.

#75 Episode 1.5, “You Can’t Go Home Again”

Starbuck is missing after a dogfight with Cylon raiders. Commander Adama and Lee will risk anything to get her home safely. An exhaustive search fails, but Starbuck manages to reprogram a Raider to fly herself back to the fleet.

#74 Episode 1.6, “Litmus”

A copy of Aaron Doral blows himself up on board Galactica, almost catching Adama and Tigh in the blast. The investigation focuses on Tyrol’s secret romance with Boomer.

#73 Episode 1.7, “Six Degrees of Seperation”

Shelley Godfrey, a copy of Number Six, boards Galactica and accuses
Gaius Baltar of planting a bomb in the Colonial Defense Mainframe.

#72 Episode 1.8, “Flesh and Bone”

After appearing in President Roslin’s dream, the Cylon known as Leoben Conoy is captured aboard a cargo ship. Roslin orders Starbuck to interrogate him. Early questioning leads to a haunting suspicion that Conoy planted a bomb somewhere in the fleet.

#71 Episode 1.9, “Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down”

Tigh is shocked to learn that his wife, Ellen, is still alive and in the fleet. Her arrival leads to increased suspicions about who is actually a Cylon.

#70 Episode 1.10, “The Hand of God”

The Fleet is dangerously short on fuel and the nearest source is occupied by a Cylon refinery base. Galactica decides to go take what they need anyway and a battle ensues.

#69 Episode 1.11, “Colonial Day”

With Colonial Day on the horizon, President Roslin plans to institute an interim Quorum of 12. But they consider electing her rival and political foe Tom Zarek as vice president and Roslin is determined not to let that happen.

#68 Episode 1.12, “Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Part I”

Roslin has visions of the City of the Gods on Kobol. The fleet
discovers the planet as Roslin’s increasing spirituality leads her to
make rash decisions like sending Starbuck back to Caprica.

#67 Episode 1.13, “Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Part II”

Adama orders President Roslin to resign. She refuses, dividing the fleet at a time when they’re trying to take down the Cylon basestar hovering over Kobol. Roslin is arrested, Starbuck discovers Helo and a pregnant copy of Sharon, and the Sharon on Galactica discovers that she’s a Cylon and shoots Adama.

#66 Episode 2.1, “Scattered”

Commander Adama is in critical condition after an assassination
attempt. As paramedics work to save his life, Galactica is in chaos as Tigh takes command.

#65 Episode 2.2, “Valley of Darkness”

When Cylon Centurions force their way aboard the Galactica, Lee Adama and a motley crew of pilots and marines assemble to stop their

#64 Episode 2.3, “Fragged”

Colonel Tigh must face the Quorum of 12 and the press over Roslin’s removal from office. Cylon Centurions prepare to fire on anyone who attempts to rescue the ground crew stranded on Kobol.

#63 Episode 2.4, “Resistance”

After Tigh declares martial law, the fleet riots. Lee Adama leads a group to smuggle Roslin to Tom Zarek. On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck meet up with Samuel Anders and his group of human resistance fighters.

#62 Episode 2.5, “The Farm”

Kara Thrace is shot during an assault on the airstrip. She wakes up in a hospital on Caprica under the care of a Cylon doctor named Simon who is experimenting with human reproduction.

#61 Episode 2.6, “Home, Part I”

The fleet is divided. Half are led by Roslin and Zarek. The other half are led by Commander Adama. However, tension escalates betwen Lee and Zarek.

#60 Episode 2.7, “Home, Part II”

Facing the need to bring the fleet back together, Adama leads a
mission to Kobol to find President Roslin and make peace with his son.

#59 Episode 2.8, “Final Cut”

Commander Adama and President Roslin grant an outspoken anti-military journalist full access to the Galactica and her crew. D’Anna Biers films a documentary on the crew, only to be revealed as Cylon gathering intel.

#58 Episode 2.9., “Flight of the Phoenix”

Chief Tyrol receives disapproval from the Galactica crew when he attempts to build a Viper from scratch; A Cylon computer virus contaminates Galactica’s computers putting everyone at risk.

#57 Episode 2.10, “Pegasus”

The fleet is excited to find that the Battlestar Pegasus and its crew, presumed to have been destroyed during the Cylon attack, are still alive. But when Admiral Helena Cain takes control of the Galactica she rules with an iron fist, stirring resentment. Helo and Tyrol are arrested when they accidentally kill an officer who was trying to attack Sharon.

#56 Episode 2.11, “Resurrection Ship, Part I”

The Pegasus and the Galactica are engaged in a standoff when Starbuck returns from her recon mission with intelligence about the unknown Cylon vessel.

#55 Episode 2.12, “Resurrection Ship, Part II”

The Pegasus and the Galactica team up to battle the Cylon resurrection ship.

#54 Episode 2.13, “Epiphanies”

Pro-Cylon peace groups stir up resentment and violent outbursts
throughout the fleet. Roslin’s health continues to decline, but Baltar surmises that the DNA of Sharon and Helo’s half-Cylon, half-human child may be a cure.

#53 Episode 2.14, “Black Market”

Lee Adama investigates the murder of new Pegasus commander Jack Fisk. He discovers a black market that’s out of control and growing in power.

#52 Episode 2.15, “Scar

Scar, a masterful Cylon Raider, has been wreaking havoc. Kat and
Starbuck both attempt to hunt it down, and their rivalry culminates
with Starbuck letting Kat gain the glory for the greater good.

#51 Episode 2.16, “Sacrifice”

Cloud 9’s lounge is attacked by terrorists who believe that Sharon Valerii is manipulating the military. The leader insists that if Valerri is not handed over in time, Ellen Tigh, Lee Adama and others will be executed. They are stopped, but not before President Roslin’s aide Billy is killed trying to save Dualla.

#50 Episode 2.17, “The Captain’s Hand”

After two Raptors go missing, Admiral Adama decides to lay back, but new Pegasus commander Barry Garner ignores the trap and proceeds, leading his crew into a trap. The inexperienced captain ultimately sacrifices himself to save the ship.

#49 Episode 2.18, “Downloaded”

The consciousness of Boomer is downloaded into a new body following her assassination on Galactica. She adjusts to her new life as a Cylon with Caprica Six, and together they plot to bring a new message of peace and unity to the Cylons.

#48 Episode 2.19, “Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I”

On the eve of a presidential election, the discovery of a habitable new planet sparks political unrest. Should the fleet continue searching for Earth or should they settle down on this new planet? Meanwhile, Starbuck leads a Raptor crew back to Caprica to rescue Anders and the resistance.

#47 Episode 2.20, “Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II”

Starbuck returns with the resistance and Brother Cavil, a Cylon who offers a message of peace. Gaius Baltar wins the presidential election after Roslin’s attempt to fix the ballots fails. He settles the fleet on New Caprica, and one year later things are bad and the Cylons find them. Baltar surrenders to the Cylons while Adama jumps away to hatch a plan.

#46 “The Resistance” Webisodes

Filling in gap between seasons 2 and 3, “The Resistance” consisted of 10 online scenes totalling 25 minutes. Strife comes from without and within for the humans on New Caprica as the Cylons attempt to crush the seeds of rebellion and the prisoners argue amongst themselves. Duck refuses to be a part of Tyrol’s rebellion because his plan is to raise a family, but that changes when his wife was killed in a Cylon

#45 Episode 3.1, “Occupation”

Four months after the Galactica and the Pegasus jumped to safety and left the New Capricans behind, Admiral Adama has very limited resources with which to rescue those left behind. On New Caprica, a tiny human resistance struggles with the dictatorial leadership of the Cylons, going as far as endorsing suicide bombings.

#44 Episode 3.2, “Precipice”

The Cylons tighten their control over the humans on New Caprica. The Galactica crew are aided in their plans for a rescue when they establish contact with the resistance.

#43 Episode 3.3, “Exodus, Part I”

The tyranny on New Caprica worsens as captives face a Cylon firing squad. Faced with two urgent goals, the Galactica splits from the Pegasus. Admiral Adama will attempt the rescue mission on New Caprica while his son takes the Pegasus in search of Earth.

#42 Episode 3.4, “Exodus, Part II”

Admiral Adama puts a thrilling rescue plan into action, and at the last minute Lee returns with the Pegasus and sacrifices the ship to save the Galactica. Saul Tigh murders his wife due to her collaboration with the Cylons. The rescue mission is successful, but not after a lot of loss.

#41 Episode 3.5, “Collaborators”

A secret tribunal on Galactica known as The Circle decides the fate of Jammer and other Colonials who sided with the Cylons during their rule over New Caprica.

#40 Episode 3.6, “Torn”

Starbuck and Tigh create divisions between the victims of Cylon tyranny on New Caprica and those who remained with the fleet. Baltar tries to make a favorable impression on the Cylons.

#39 Episode 3.7, “A Measure of Salvation”

Cylons are dying on board the infected basestar, but Lee and Athena won’t let them go before they’ve had a chance to interrogate them and
find out how Baltar is helping the enemy.

#38 Episode 3.8, “Hero”

Adama’s past comes back to haunt him, raising questions about why the Cylons launched their original attack against the Colonies.

#37 Episode 3.9, “Unfinished Business”

Admiral Adama re-institutes an old Colonial tradition in which
crew members box one another with disregard for their rank in order to relieve tensions. A series of battles help reunite the crew after the division following New Caprica.

#36 Episode 3.10, “The Passage”

When the food processing system becomes contaminated, starvation
threatens the population. A radiation field separates the fleet from a crucial food source and the only solution is to go directly through the danger zone.

#35 Episode 3.11, “The Eye of Jupiter”

Determined to find Earth, the Cylons and humans risk their lives to find the Eye of Jupiter on the algae planet. The Eye is reputed to hold the key clue to the mystery.

#34 Episode 3.12, “Rapture”

The Cylons and humans race against the clock to discover the secrets of the Eye of Jupiter before a supernova destroys it; D’Anna finds out the identities of the Final Five Cylons and Athena tries to reclaim her daughter.

#33 Episode 3.13, “Taking a Break from All Your Worries”

Baltar faces a thorough interrogation about his relationship with the Cylons and what they know about Earth. Kara Thrace and Lee Adama attempt to work out their feelings for one another, facing guilt inducing choices about their marriages.

#32 Episode 3.14, “The Woman King”

Helo investigates claims that a doctor is prejudiced by providing
worse care to Sagittarons than to his other patients.

#31 Episode 3.15, “A Day in the Life”

Adama celebrates his wedding anniversary without his late wife. President Roslin pushes ahead with Baltar’s trial. Cally and the chief are trapped inside a depressurizing airlock.

#30 Episode 3.16, “Dirty Hands”

Facing bad work conditions and worse morale, Chief Tyrol wrestles with whether or not to bring back the worker’s union he began on New Caprica.

#29 Episode 3.17, “Maelstrom”

Adama has concerns about Starbuck’s ability to serve after she’s confronted by horrors from her past. She chases a phantom Cyloner Raider and is killed in a horrific explosion.

#28 Episode 3.18, “The Son Also Rises”

Admiral Adama is appointed one of the five judges in Baltar’s trial, a duty that puts him at odds with Lee, who seeks to protect the defendant’s second lawyer, Romo Lampkin.

#27 Episode 3.19, “Crossroads, Part I”

Baltar’s trial begins as the prosecution makes its case for treason. Colonel Tigh and President Roslin offer controversial testimony that results in confessions about what Tigh did to his wife and Roslin’s cancer coming back.

#26 Episode 3.20, “Crossroads, Part II”

Lee Adama turns the trial around with a surprising tactic that leads to Baltar being found not guilty. The Cylons catch up to the fleet once again. Chief Tyrol, Samuel Anders, Tory Foster and Saul Tigh are all shocked to discover that they are members of the Final Five Cylons. During the fight, Lee sees Starbuck, who says she has found

#25 “Razor Flashback” Webisodes

A young and decidedly less buttoned down William Adama unravels a Cylon experiment during the time of the First Cylon War. These scenes were originally part of the “Razor” movie but cut due to time restraints and released as webisodes. Most of them were reintegrated for the film’s DVD.

#24 “Razor” TV Movie

Officer Kendra Shaw experiences the Pegasus from the start as the movie follows that ship from the Cylon attacks to the time they met up with the Galactica. That time includes Helena Cain’s heartless rule as commander and her lesbian relationship with the Cylon Gina Inviere. In the present, the dsicvoery of a Cylon ship leads to an investigation where Kendra Shaw sacrifices herself to destroy the ship, but not before a Cylon Hyrbid tells her that Kara Thrace is the “harbinger of death.”

#23 Episode 4.1, “He That Believeth in Me”

As destruction nears, Starbuck arrives in a pristine Viper,
proclaiming that she has been to Earth and she can lead the fleet there. President Roslin believes it’s a Cylon trick. Four of the Final Five confront their new lives and Baltar encounters a cult of beautiful women who believe he is an agent of the “one true God.”

#22 Episode 4.2, “Six of One”

Adama believes Starbuck and sends her on an important mission to Earth; Tory Foster seduces Gaius Baltar in order to access his Cylon knowledge but may get more than she bargained for. Lee Adama formally enters the political arena and things get ugly when the Cylons disagree over the future of the group, leading to a full-on Cylon Civil War.

#21 Episode 4.3, “The Ties that Bind”

Lee Adama makes strides as a politician as the Caprican delegate to the Quorum, but he clashes with Laura Roslin. Starbuck, Helo, Anders, Gaeta and others voyage to Earth in the Demetrius. Cally learns about her husband’s Cylon secret, so Tory kills her to protect it.

#20 Episode 4.4, “Escape Velocity”

Gaius Baltar preaches the “one true God,” sparking disagreement
between Laura Roslin and the Quorum. Chief Tyrol struggles to go on without his wife Cally.

#19 Episode 4.5, “The Road Less Traveled”

Starbuck’s leadership ability is called into question when she makes a pact with Leoben Conoy. Chief Tyrol can’t understand the events of his wife’s death and Baltar’s influence grows more and more.

#18 Episode 4.6, “Faith”

Leoben departs with Starbuck, Anders and Athena for the downed Cylon ship while Helo and the rest of the crew wait anxiously on board the Demetrius. After an initial confrontation, Laura Roslin forms an affectionate bond with another patient who is dying.

#17 Episode 4.7, “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?”

The Demetrius leads a rebel Cylon faction back to the fleet where they propose an alliance with the Colonials against the Cylons’ own resurrection hub. Roslin approves, much to Lee Adama’s discomfort. Gaeta struggles with life as an amputee

#16 Episode 4.8, “Sine Qua Non”

President Roslin has been kidnapped, making Tom Zarek the successor to the presidency but Adama refuses to validate his title. Lee and Romo Lampkin search for a more acceptable interim president and Romo thinks it should be Lee.

#15 Episode 4.9, “The Hub”

Viper pilots and Cylon rebels form an uneasy alliance as they
formulate a plan to unbox the Threes and end Cylon resurrection once and for all. Roslin and Baltar work together to communicate with the confused Hybrid.

#14 Episode 4.10, “Revelations”

A hostage situation develops when D’Anna and the rebel Cylons hold President Roslin and the Galactica’s pilots hostage with hopes of getting the members of the Final Five in the fleet. Meanwhile, a previously unnoticed clue to Earth’s location is found in plain sight. The fleet finally arrives on Earth and they’re horrified by what they

#13 “The Face of the Enemy” Webisodes

Airing before season 4.5, these webisodes follow Gaeta and two Number Eights as they’re stranded on a Raptor nine days after the discovery of Earth. They begin dying one at a time, unable to see the face of the enemy. They also revealed Gaeta’s brief homosexual relationship with Lt. Hoshi.

#12 Episode 4.11, “Sometimes a Great Notion”

The fleet’s morale is destroyed by the ruins of Earth, leading to civil unrest and even suicide in the case of Dualla. Adama, Roslin and Lee try to control the chaos while the Final Cylons dig for clues
about their identity amidst the wreckage, learning that they once lived on Earth 2,000 years ago, Starbuck also learns something disturbing when she finds her own body dead on Earth.

#11 Episode 4.12, “A Disquiet Follows My Soul”

The Final Cylons demand legal citizenship under Colonial law in return for giving up the technological secrets of their people. Tom Zarek leads the Quorum in decisive opposition and Laura’s behavior strains government relations. Tigh and Caprica Six get a sonogram to see their baby. There are rumors of mutiny aboard the Galactica.

#10 Episode 4.13, “The Oath”

Gaeta breaks Zarek out of jail and leads a powerful mutiny to
overthrow Adama by force. The breakdown in order allows some to get justice for old scores. Roslin promises that Zarek will not ascend to the presidency as she and others flee to the Cylon basestar.

#9 Episode 4.14, “Blood on the Scales”

The mutineers win major battles when they arrest Adama and Tigh.
Meanwhile, Roslin tries to convince the Cylons to get involved in the Colonial government situation. Zarek has the Quorum delegates wiped out and Gaeta insists that Adama be tried before a military court. The mutiny is eventually stopped and Zarek and Gaeta are executed.

#8 Episode 4.15, “No Exit”

Cavil holds a newly resurrected Ellen prisoner in order to contain what she knows. Anders’ post-surgical condition allows him to remember something crucial about the Cylon race. Adama learns how devastated his ship is; Lee and Roslin make plans for the government.

#7 Episode 4.16, “Deadlock”

Now free, Ellen arrives on board the Galactica. Baltar’s religious authority is threatened by the horror of the realities his followers are facing. Ellen confronts Caprica Six about her relationship with Tigh. Tyrol attempts to salvage the Galactica using Cylon technology.

#6 Episode 4.17, “Someone to Watch Over Me”

A physically and emotionally exhausted Starbuck befriends a piano player at Joe’s Bar. They bond over her dead father and learns that a tune he taught her to play on the piano is the same song that activated the Final Cylons. The first Cylon member of the Quorum asks for Boomer to be put before a court on charges of treason and Tyrol doesn’t know what to do. Tigh grieves over the miscarriage of his son.

#5 Episode 4.18, “Islanded in a Stream of Stars”

The new Quorum motions to decommission the Galactica and strip her for parts; The Final Five and Adama quarrel over sending out a rescue mission for Hera as Boomer takes her back to Cavil. Helo begs Adama
for permission to go on his own; Kara goes to Baltar for the answers she needs.

#4 Episode 4.19, “Daybreak, Part I”

Galactica is dissected and the parts are sent off to become part of different ships, causing Adama to reflect on all of the pain and destruction he’s seen. Kara struggles to understand the riddle of the
Final Five’s music. Baltar demands that Lee grant his people a representative in the government. In the end, Adama agrees to go on one final mission to rescue Hera.

#3 Episode 4.20, “Daybreak, Part II”

In the series finale, Admiral Adama and the Galactica go on one final mission to rescue Hera from Brother Cavil at the Cylon Colony.

#2 “The Plan” TV Movie

A TV movie that will be released following the series finale, it will provide a flashback to the earlier years of the series prior to the
events on New Caprica as the Cylons hatch their plan about what to do following the initial attack.

#1 Caprica

Based in the same universe as Battlestar Galactica, this new TV series takes place prior to the First Cylon War on Caprica. It follows two wealthy families, the Adamas and the Graystones, as the
original creation of the Cylons begins. The initial two-hour pilot will premiere on DVD in April 2009, but the actual aeries won’t debut on the Sci Fi Channel until 2010.

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