A list of popular words and phrases in the Supernatural fan community.

#65 The Supernatural Dictionary

Sometimes it feels like Supernatural fans speak a language all their own, and that’s because they do. We asked fans to submit their favorite Supernatural and Supernatural-related terms. Do you know what “gank” means, or who JDM is, or how you can get “artificially jenseminated”? Read through our handy glossary of terms every Supernatural fan needs to know.


When words get too long, fans use these handy shorthand versions to talk about characters, actors or even themselves.

#63 SPN

A shortened version of the show name Supernatural. All three letters are pronounced separately. – Submitted by Eve

#62 J2

“Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ first initials. It is often used in fan fiction regarding characters named Jared and Jensen.” – Submitted by Julie

#61 The Four Js

“Refers to Jensen, Jared, Jeffrey and Jim, the phenomenal actors of Supernatural.” – Submitted by bjxmas

#60 JPad

“Nickname often given to Jared Padalecki.” – Submitted by Julie

#59 JDM

“An acronym for actor Jeffery Dean Morgan’s name, the actor who plays John Winchester.” – Submitted by Julie

#58 YED

“Yellow-Eyed Demon, Azazel; the demon the killed Mary, Sam’s girlfriend Jessica, and dripped blood into six-month-old Sam Winchester’s mouth.” – Submitted by ladybug

#57 CRD

“The Crossroads Demon.” – Submitted by Ash

#56 RED

“Red-Eyed Demon, another name for the Crossroads Demon.” – Submitted by LadyBug

#55 PK

“Psychic Kids, the children that Azazel visited as babies.” – Submitted by bjxmas

#54 SnOb

“Acronym for Supernaturally Obsessed, aka any Supernatural fan..” – Submitted by Linibean


From their lips to your ears, here are some of the words and phrases the Winchester brothers have made popular.

#52 Gank

“To kill, generally violently.” – Submitted by SaltNBurnEm

#51 Yahtzee

“A Deanism, used in place of the term ‘affirmative’ or ‘bingo.'” – Submitted by Linibean

#50 Idjit

“A term of endearment used by Bobby when he talks to Sam and Dean.” – Submitted by bjxmas

#49 Piehole/Cakehole

“One of Dean Winchester’s favorite euphemisms for mouth.” – Submitted by Supernaturelle

#48 Obi-Wanned

A term used by Dean to describe demonic mind control powers, such as with Andrew Gallagher in season 2, a reference to the Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi. Example: “He full-on Ob-Wanned me.” – Submitted by Kati

#47 Swayzed

A verb meaning the action of physically touching something while you’re a ghost, a reference to Patrick Swayze’s role in the movie Ghost. It was used by Dean Winchester in “In My Time of Dying” when he made a glass of water fall on the floor when he was a ghost. Example: “I full on Swayzed that mother!” – Submitted by Julie

#46 Rehymenated

An adjective referring to someone who has regained their virginity or any similarly pure state. In “Lazarus Rising,” Dean used the term to refer to the fact that all of his scars were healed over after coming back from Hell. – Submitted by Kate

#45 Douchebaggery

“The attitude of a douchebag. Some people who exhibit this trait are Criss Angel, Joe the Plumber, and anyone who uses an iPod jack.” – Submitted by FearlessGoddess2


In order to fully understand everything that’s going on, here are some of the more general things you might come across on the show.

#43 Funkytown

“Dean and Sam’s codeword they use if they’re in trouble.” – Submitted by Vicki

#42 Hand of Ipecac

“A term the fans use to describe Sam’s powers. Sam raises his hand and the demons throw themselves up.” – Submitted by Loida07Sin8ter

#41 Bitchface

“Sam’s classic facial expression used when he is annoyed at Dean or doesn’t agree with him or is fed-up, so needless to say he uses it all the time.” – Submitted by Linibean

#40 Meatsuit

“Human body often used by demons to describe their hosts or describing a dead body.” – Submitted by Lyn

#39 Mullet Rock

“Dean’s favorite genre of music, a collection of classic rock bands from the ’70s and ’80s such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Def Leppard, Mountain, Eddie Money, AC/DC, etc).” – Submitted by J2 Fan

#38 Donkey Kick

“Patented kick used by one Dean Winchester to break in locked doors. Very effective, though Dean tends to use it unnecessarily even when doors are unlocked.” – Submitted by Linibean

#37 Chick Flick Moment

“Any emotional moment that make Dean Winchester uncomfortable.” – Submitted by LadyBug

#36 Troubled Profile

“Profile close-up of one of the Winchester boys at the end of a scene to emphasize the angst.” – Submitted by Supernaturelle

#35 Teddy Bear

“Anything suicidal with a gun, as in the teddy bear from the “Wishful Thinking” episode.” – Submitted by Sammy’s Luver

#34 Hellatus

“The period of hell Supernatural fans have to go through when their show goes on hiatus (which seems to happen far too often).” – Submitted by Linibean


These are all words and phrases that relate specifically to Sam and Dean Winchester.

#32 Bi-Bro/Bi-Winchester

“A lover of both Sam and Dean equally.” – Submitted by bjxmas and Kate

#31 Bi-Savior

“Fans of both Dean and Castiel.” – Submitted by Winchester07

#30 El Deano

“A nickname for Dean.” – Submitted by Linibean

#29 Deanisms

“Those cocky, funny responses that would only come from Dean Winchester’s mouth.” – Submitted by bjxmas

#28 Sweet Deans

“A version of sweet dreams in which Dean is the starring attraction.” – Submitted by WickedHunter

#27 Dean’s Angst Shirt

“The lovely red/purplish checked shirt that Dean wears when he has many of his emotional moments in episodes such as “Shadow” and “All Hell Breaks Loose.” He mistakenly wore it in “Provenance,” where Dean was noticeably lacking angst.” – Submitted by bjxmas

#26 Puppy Sam

“Whenever there’s a shot of Sam where he looks cute like a puppy.” – Submitted by Vicki

#25 Sasquatch

“A term of affection used by Dean when he’s referring to his “little” brother Sammy. We first hear that term in “Playthings,” It’s also a nickname the cast and crew use for Jared.” – Submitted by Loida07Sin8ter

#24 Ginormatron

“Nickname for Sam, as he is a giant.” – Submitted by Linibean

#23 Grumpy

“Nickname for Sam used by Pamela Barnes, referring to Sam’s bad-tempered facial expression.” – Submitted by Kati


Sam and Dean aren’t the only ones with clever nicknames. Here are some other people and objects that deserve their own nicknames.

#21 The Krip/The Kripkeeper

“Nickname for Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, a play on The Cryptkeeper.” – Submitted by Linibean

#20 Metallicar

“Nickname given to Dean Winchester’s 1967 Chevy Impala.” – Submitted by Julie

#19 Dean’s Baby

“Another nickname for the Impala.” – Submitted by Lyn

#18 Truckzilla

“Name given to John Winchesters pick-up truck,” – Submitted by Winchester07

#17 Holy Tax Accountant

“Dean’s nickname for Castiel’s meatsuit.” – Submitted by Lora

#16 Rubela

“Term used by fans when speaking collectively about Ruby and Bela.” – Submitted by VickiLoughran

#15 RUM

“A combination of Ruby and Sam’s names; RUM signifies the sexual or emotional relationship between Sam and Ruby.” – Submitted by LadyBug

#14 Facer Hater

“One who dislikes the Ghostfacers for whatever reason.” – Submitted by Winchester912

#13 Saltgunners

“Nickname for Supernatural fans.” – Submitted by LadyBug


Not only do fans love the show, but they also love the actors behind the roles, and here are terms about Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

#11 Padackles

“A combination of the last name of Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.” – Submitted by Abbey

#10 Bi-Texan

“A lover of both Jensen and Jared equally.” – Submitted by Kate

#9 Acklesism

“A religion in which fan girls worship their idol, Jensen Ackles.” – Submitted by Jen

#8 Ackting

“The intense acting of one Jensen Ackles.” – Submitted by bjxmas

#7 Jensenated

“Overcome by the awesome talent and charisma of Jensen Ackles.” – Submitted by bjxmas

#6 Artificial Jensemination

“The act of being eye-f***ed by Jensen Ackles, ultimately resulting in pregnancy. Also known as Blue Steel.” – Submitted by SupernaturalSoul

#5 Adorkalecki

“Referring to the moments and photos of Jared when he is doing things that are both dorky and adorable.” – Submitted by Paulina


The show’s writers are all great, but sometimes fans like to write their own stories for the characters. Here are a few terms you might encounter while reading some of this fan fiction.

#3 Wee!Chester

“Fan fiction that show the early years when the Winchester brothers are still kids.” – Submitted by bjxmas

#2 Teen!Chester

“Fan fiction involving teenaged Sam and Dean.” – Submitted by Supernaturelle

#1 Wincest

“Fan fiction that depicts a romantically involved Sam/Dean relationship.” – Submitted by J2 Fan

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