With no surprise, FOX announced a third season for its mega hit Prison Break this week.  While this is not earth shattering news to the show’s many fans,  it does open the door for talk of just what Prison Break‘s third season will look like.  So far, the modus for the show has been anything but consistency.  Fans were surprised when the first season seemed to satisfy the central conundrum of the show, but were thrilled when Prison Break‘s second season took them on a serendipitous road trip that ended with all good intentions out the window, and the brothers in as bad a spot as ever.

In comments made to Variety magazine, Executive producer Paul Scheuring said that Prison Break season three would have an ‘international’ plot line.   This is an interesting choice of words since early rumors pointed to the action taking place primarily in Panama.  Of course, this could be Scheuring’s way of merely avoiding validating the Panama rumors, but it could also mean that the action could move even further South of the border.

In addition to announcing the general locale, Scheuring also announced that the four new characters would not be Americans. So far two men and two woman regulars are scheduled to be added to the cast.  There is no word as to what this means for characters who are stuck stateside. With Sucre, Bellick, and T-Bag’s misadventures due to play out this season, it seems unlikely any of them will continue on in season three.

Sara fans have reason to be concerned as well.  Spoilers indicate that she will be doing some hard time and won’t be joining Linc and Michael in Panama.  This could be bad news for Sarah Wayne Callies, who has gotten at least a couple of good years of employment from the show.

If you believe the rumors circulating, Prison Break season three may begin very well where the series started, with a daring Prison Break.  According to supposed inside information, at least one of the brothers will wind up behind bars in Panama.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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