On CBS’s hit CSI flagship show, the romantic relationship between CSIs Sara Sidle and her boss Gil Grissom has been a matter of much controversy with fans weighing in on both sides.

CSI's Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle

For years fans have speculated on the nature of their relationship, as the characters were introduced as having a mysterious past history that hinted at more than just a mentor and student bond. While both at times were shown in fleeting relationships with other people, it turns out now that they’ve been together for a while. Last year’s season finale revealed their ongoing liaison to the viewers, though not to their co-workers.

William Petersen says that Grissom and Sara have “been together for a while; it’s just that no one knew it. It’s an interesting thing to play and it’s somewhat fraught with danger. In Grissom’s mind, it’s a secret affair. I don’t think he knows what will happen.”

Apparently, their fellow CSIs aren’t very astute investigators, if they haven’t noticed the little clues to their evolved relationship that fans have this season, such as Grissom bringing dinner to Sara (and only Sara) while she and some of the other CSIs worked late one night, as well as a certain incident with an overly loud radio. Then again, Sara’s always been a bit of a teacher’s pet, so maybe they can be excused.

The next new episode, Empty Eyes, set to air March 29th, may change this, as the Sara-centric episode promises a final scene set at the lab that may reveal them to be more than just professional colleagues. Then again, William Petersen seemed to think just recently that the rest of the team isn’t going to find out anytime soon.

“I think their relationship would be a disturbance to the rest of the team. It wouldn’t be good for Grissom as he’s a supervisor and it wouldn’t be good for Sara who’s a subordinate. They realize the conflict, which makes for interesting drama.”

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