Battlestar Galactica fans will have to wait at least nine months to catch up on the happenings of the season three finale.  But luckily, Battlestar Galactica producers have some form of relief in mind.  SciFi and Ron Moore have announced that the Battlestar Galactica movie is moving ahead with plans to air sometime in mid fall. 

Ron Moore confirmed to IGN that the top secret Battlestar Galactica movie is leaping forward.  Essentially the movie is a flash back to the days prior to Battlestar Pegasus joining the fleet.  It will center around Commander Cain and crew’s survival following the holocaust.

The movie is, in Moore’s words,  really a couple fo extra episodes for season four, so expect some information revealed in the movie to have some level of relevancy when season for kicks in.  The movie, which does not have a title yet, will debut sometime in the fall, about 3-4 months ahead of season four.

If you think this means you won’t be seeing your Galactica favorites,  think again.  Some of the movie takes place before the holocaust and Moore has stated that all of the original Galactica characters will be making an appearance to some degree in the film.

As for the prequel project Caprica, this has once again slipped into that abyss known as ‘development hell’ for SciFi channel.  While not completely scrapped, there are no moves being made in a positive direction at this point.  SciFi is moving ahead with several new series, and a controversial mini-series remake of The Wizard of Oz, all will be part of the channels fall and winter lineup.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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