Even though fans are still brooding over the finale of Ronald D. Moore’s hit sci-fi show, knowing that the entire series is heading to Blu-Ray format is enough cause for celebration.  The complete Battlestar Galactica will be released this July by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.  In addition, audiences are given the option of buying the Season 4.5 set, which is scheduled for release on the same day.

For the entire series, the Blu-Ray comes in a whopping 20-disc set (25 on DVD) with plenty of features, including Universal’s exclusive U-Control feature.  Since this is the whole Battlestar Galactica, don’t expect it to come cheap.  The DVD version costs $279.98, while the Blu-Ray is $349.98.

Of course, no fan will be satisfied without knowing about the surprises packed into the discs.  While there hasn’t been any information released for the complete version, the one for Season 4.5 contains several deleted scenes, a number of interactive activities, and audio commentaries by the brains behind Battlestar Galactica.

Some of the bonus features include:

  • EVOLUTION OF A CUE: Composer, Bear McCreary takes us step by step through his process of creating the music of Battlestar Galactica.
  • WHAT THE FRAK IS GOING ON WITH BATTLESTAR GALACTICA?: A recap of Battlestar Galactica’s first three thrilling seasons – in only eight minutes!
  • …AND THEY HAVE A PLAN: What do they mean every episode when the opening sequence on the Cylons states “And They Have A Plan?”  All will be revealed in the upcoming movie The Plan.
  • THE JOURNEY ENDS:  THE ARRIVAL: Battlestar Galactica has traveled full circle.  The journey has concluded never to be revisited.  But how did we arrive at the end?
  • SO SAY WE ALL: Executive Producer Ron Moore and the cast and crew reveal their personal insights on Battlestar Galactica.
  • MANIFESTO DESTINY: It all began with this manifesto.  Why was it written and what was the response?
  • BATTLE-STYLE GALACTICA: Those behind the camera delve into their approach to visual style of Battlestar Galactica.
  • MARTYR TO A CAUSE: As the only actor to appear in both the original and reimagined series, Richard Hatch offers his unique perspective on Battlestar Galactica.
  • THE SINS OF THE FORGIVEN: Insights on the curious religious aspects of Battlestar Galactica.
  • BATTLESTAR REVELATIONS: Firsthand accounts from those on the Battlestar for the past five years.

Don’t forget to save up and get your copies of Battlestar Galactica‘s season 4.5 on DVD or Blu-Ray, heading for stores this July.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Just Press Play
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Maria Gonzalez

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