If the promo for the finale of May 14 Bones is to be believed, Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) will finally be doing the long-anticipated horizontal tango after four long seasons of protracted teasing and furtive flirting.  The central tandem of the hit Fox procedural, however, will not be doing so because of love and it does not necessarily mean they’ll end up as a couple, Deschanel tells E! Online.

In fact, Deschanel adds, her character wasn’t very keen on becoming a mother, but something in Booth will make her decide otherwise.

“Brennan is a character who never wanted children at all,” she says.  “She asks Booth because she thinks he would make a good father for her children.”

Now as far as Booth is concerned, consummating their relationship isn’t just about Bones, but about him as well.  And if he’d be the boss, he doesn’t want the matter to end in bed and the perfunctory exchange in fluids.

“Booth has to deal with whether he wants to do that, does he help his friend out?” teases Deschanel further.  “He doesn’t feel comfortable just donating his sperm and not being apart of the baby’s life. Brennan sees it as basically a transaction, [and] he’s struggling with that [view, but] he says yes.  There’s some twists and turns in the episode that will kind of throw a wrench into things, you’ll see.”

For her part, Deschanel doesn’t want to reveal whether doing the deed will be the start of something big for Bones and Booth, but she hints that there are indeed some “big things” happening in the final two episodes of the season that will provide Bones fans with insights on how the two plan their lives post-baby-making.

In the finale of Bones, a murdered body is found at a popular nightclub called The Lab.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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