A junk food lover who plays tricks on the self-important to humble them; a commando with super strength; a beautiful woman who makes men offers they can’t refuse but will regret for all eternity. Sam and Dean Winchester have confronted a lot of vividly drawn, sometimes humorous and often disturbing villains on Supernatural. But which one stands out as their greatest opponent? BuddyTV fans chose Azazel, the Yellow Eyed Demon.

Azazel began building his resume of horrors from the very first episode of the series, first killing Sam and Dean’s mother, Mary, and then Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica. He organized the Special Children to lead a war against humanity. He makes deals with people when they’re
at their most desperate, offering to stop domestic abuse or bring their dead parents back to life, and in exchange he takes their souls. His very arrival causes cattle to die and electrical storms to rage. And he’s impervious to holy water and the salt barrier.

Our Supernatural Showdowns poll, which invites users to choose their favorite between two random characters from a series, asked fans to rank Supernatural‘s best villains. Azazel, Lilith, Alastair and the Trickster were the top vote-getters, with Azazel holding just a lead of just 676 votes. Good thing those last ten people made their voices heard, huh?

Anitamelling2 cut to the heart of the reason why Azazel stands out, saying, “[You] have to realize that without YED there would be no reason for the boys to hunt in the first place so he deserves the title in my eyes.”

RichGirl06 added, “Azazel – hands down! He was the Winchester’s principle and oldest arch nemesis,with a personal and first hand association with all the six Winchesters (grandparents included) and his damage still has a continuing effect on Sam! So, YED is the baddest/best villain in my book,no doubt about that!”

QueenB21 crowed, “This is a no-brainer. Yellow eyes is definitely the baddest of them all. Not to mention hes a big part of Supernatural history. I mean, without him the boys wouldn’t be who they are! Yellow Eyed Demon is a classic supernatural badass!”

SNis4me still put in his vote for Uriel, explaining, “An angel who kills other angels so he can help Lucifer rise. Can you get any more evil than that?”

BradLalonde2 made the case for Alastair, saying, “My absolute favorite character has to be Azazel, hands down. He was creepy, deadly, smart and twisted with your head! To make it even better, he could cut you apart with his mind!”

6Cookie6 put the competition in a broader perspective, saying, “Each villain deserves a go at the number one spot. Each has contributed to the world of misery and pain for our boys not to mention poured evil into the world in general. Even the ‘tamer’ villains are mega baddies.
Jake put a knife in Sam’s back while The Trickster had him endure hell on Earth for 100 Tuesday’s and 6 months. Azazel scores tops for starting it all, Lilith for pinning a screaming Sam to the wall as he watched his brother get shredded, Alastair for cruelty to both Dean
and John, and Uriel for being a monster traitor. No show does villains better than Supernatural – we love to hate them all.”

Want to change the verdict? Go to the Supernatural Showdowns page and vote for the villain who’s so bad they’re good.

-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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