Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Final Cylon Ellen Tigh revealed the backstory of the Cylons before being escorted back to the fleet by Boomer.  Sam Anders remembered life on Earth before going into a coma. Admiral Adama agreed to use living Cylon technology to fix the Galactica.

Something is going on with Caprica Six (Tricia Helfer). She gets into a fight with some civilians who harass her, but then she’s happy to be with Tigh and her baby, who she plans to name Liam.

That happy ending is going to be put to the test by the arrival of an unknown Raptor. Galactica takes it on board and they find Boomer and Ellen Tigh. Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) somehow recognizes that specific Eight as Boomer (Grace Park), which gets her thrown into the brig. As soon as Tigh (Michael Hogan) sees Ellen, he rushes up and kisses her. I guess she has no hard feelings about him killing her.

Adama, Roslin, Lee and Tigh interrogate Ellen (Kate Vernon) and find out about Brother Cavil’s desire to rebuild resurrection technology. Ellen is still the same old Ellen, cracking jokes and wanting alcohol. The other leave Ellen and Saul alone, which naturally leads to some hot Cylon sex.

Post-coital, Tigh reveals he’s sleeping with Caprica Six, which disturbs Ellen because she’s their child. Later at sick bay, a Number Six and a Number Eight suggest they go to the basestar and jump away with the Final Five to live on their own because the humans hate them. They also reveal Caprica Six is pregnant, which really pisses off Ellen.

The Six and Eight call for a vote, because in Cylon culture, majority rules. Tyrol and Tory (Rekha Sharma) want to go, Tigh and presumably comatose Anders want to stay, and the swing vote Ellen is too angry about the pregnancy issue to think.

While out on a walk, Roslin (Mary McDonnell) talks to Caprica Six about her baby. I’m pretty sure Laura prefers Caprica to Ellen as Tigh’s partner. She’d probably feel that way even if Ellen wasn’t a Cylon. Then Ellen pays a visit to her husband’s pregnant mistress and makes veiled threats. Her attempts to intimidate Caprica Six fail. Come on Ellen, this is a woman who tricked Gaius Baltar and single-handedly led to the nuclear holocaust of humanity. It’s gonna take a lot more to scare her.

The next day, Ellen finally makes up her mind: she votes to leave, so everyone prepares for the trip. Everyone except Saul, who refuses to go because he needs to stay for Admiral Adama. It turns out this decision was just Ellen’s way of proving that Saul loves Bill more than anyone else, even his own child.

Caprica Six gets a severe pain which brings everyone back to Doc Cottle, where Ellen reveals that Tigh is right and they shouldn’t leave, she was just being spiteful. The baby is in distress, and even though she’s only four months along, Caprica Six demands Doc Cottle cut it out so it can live. He refuses, and after some stalling by Tigh, the baby’s heart monitor flatlines. First Tyrol’s baby wasn’t his, now this…the Cylon God must really want Hera to be the lone Cylon offspring.

In a far less interesting and much more absurd storyline, Gaius Baltar returns to his former followers hoping that his harem of women will bow before his feet. He’s a bit ticked off that they don’t all fall in line because they feel like he betrayed them, so a lady named Paula has taken up his role as leader. Baltar is desperate to regain his status as a prophet.

Baltar decides the best way is to give food to starving kids so he looks like a great humanitarian. It backfires when mercenaries show up and steal the food. Baltar hides behind his female posse and I’m starting to feel sad. This season was going so strong, and now they’re wasting our time with this wacky, pointless Baltar storyline. BSG has had absolutely no idea what to do with Gaius ever since the trial ended.

Head Six reappears to possibly make things better, but all she does is convince Baltar to fight for hope. So he gives a rousing speech, repeating what Head Six tells him, including the fact that they need to find more bigger and better guns. I honestly don’t know if this is supposed to be funny or not.

Baltar finally goes to Adama and asks him for guns by playing on his weakness, saying that he and his religious harlots are the last chance for humanity unless Adama wants to integrate the fleet with the Cylons. It makes no sense, but Adama’s ship is dying, he’s replacing it with Cylon goop, and his best friend, now a Cylon, is having a baby with another Cylon, so he’s more susceptible to Baltar’s trickery.

In the end, Adama gives Valtar the guns, provides comfort for his friend and then goes on a walk with Roslin. They see that the Cylons are putting photos of their dead on the wall with the humans. Adama says on a bit of a somber note that the integration has already happened.

Next week on Battlestar Galactica: Heopfully a much better episode than this one as we finally get back to Starbuck’s existential crisis after finding herself dead on Earth.

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