TvShowsOnDVD is reporting from multiple sources that Universal is expected to announce and HD-DVD release of Battlestar Galactica very soon.  Previously, Battlestar Galactica had aired in HDTV on Universals Hi-Def cable channel evoking enthusiastic praise from fans.  If the rumors prove true Universal will make the announcement of the next few weeks and the release date will be sometime around September 18th, 2007.

Battlestar Galactica will not be the first series to dabble in HD-DVD, fellow fantasy effort Smallville has also been transferred to the HD-DVD format, with encouraging results.  The industry has been slow to respond to the new formats for complete series sets mostly due to re mastering cost and limited hardware sales consumer side.  Another slow down was the format way that arose when Sony decided to stand by its Blu-Ray format despite a consensus from other electronics manufacturers to back the HD-DVD format.

The introduction of hybrid players has made the market slightly more viable.  Many predict that Sony’s superior storage capacity will eventually win out over HD-DVD, since DVD’s are an ‘extras’ driven market.  The increased story capacity also allows for higher bit encoding rates, which for none geeks means simply smoother transfers.

When we spoke with LOST producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof about the possibility of a LOST HDTV disk release, they were hesitant to make any promises.  It is interesting that most of the series to come to HD, with some notable exceptions, have been niche shows from cable markets who are using the formats as a way to set themselves apart from their more high profile contemporaries.

When the news is officially released, we’ll bring you all the details on the Battlestar Galactica HD-Dvd release, so be sure to keep checking back!  While we’re on the topic though, what other shows would you like to see come to HD?  Which format are you backing, Blu-Ray or Hd-Dvd?

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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