This week the cast of CSI visited Chicago for the opening of “CSI: The Experience,” an interactive exhibit which is set to open at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry on May 25. Star William Petersen, who plays Gil Grissom on the show, is originally from the Chicago area.

The exhibit will allow museum visitors to experience being a CSI, go through a crime scene and gather evidence, then analyze it. The exhibit will allow the guests to conduct tests like the CSIs do on the show, including comparing fingerprints, examining blood spatter patterns, studying DNA samples, matching shell casings, and figuring out times and causes of death.
CSI: The Experience exhibit has three crime scenes to choose from: “A House Collided,” in which a car has run into a house; “Who Got Served?” which features a young woman dead in an alley near a Las Vegas motel; and “No Bones About It!” in which a hiker has found a human skeleton buried in the dirt.

As the investigation is finished, visitors will get to “present their findings” in a recreation of Gil Grissom’s office by answering questions on touch screens. The results can then be compared to those of real-life CSIs. The CSI cast will appear in interactive videos as part of the exhibit, as will real-life forensic investigators.

Along with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, CBS, and the National Science Foundation, CSI creator Anthony Zuiker helped develop the exhibit, which will spend the summer at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, then go on a seven-year national tour of various museums. The exhibit has been in development for over a year, as CBS wanted to be certain that “the integrity of the show was upheld in this endeavour,” said Ken Ross, executive vice president of CBS Consumer Products.

The exhibit runs until September 3, 2007.

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Variety, CBS, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry


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