Ever since fans of The Bachelorette flooded ABC with demands that Jason Mesnick needed to become the next Bachelor, and were successful at getting him on the upcoming season, fans of the show seem to think that they now call the shots. A Montana grandmother has made it her mission to make Jesse Csincsak the Bachelor, following in the footsteps of Mesnick. Both have an something unfortunate in common: they’ve both been blindsided and heartbroken by DeAnna Pappas. Lynn Pinkerton though, feels that she can help Jesse move on by putting him back on reality television to find love. “They did this with the Bachelor on there right now, Jason Mesnick from Seattle, to get him on there,” she said. “They had 1,600 signatures for him.”

Believe it not, Pinkerton says that she never even watched The Bachelorette until she spotted Jesse on the most recent season premiere of the show. “He’s completely different from anybody else I saw on there,” Pinkerton said. “I just kind of started watching it and got hooked on it.” After finding out that Csincsak and Pappas were no longer together, she came up with the idea to start an online petition to get him on The Bachelor. She started the petition the week before Thanksgiving and when she reaches her goal of 2,000 signatures, she will submit the petition to ABC.

The petition is available online on thepetitionsite.com, where people can sign in support or a wide variety of topics, from education to politics. After searching for Jesse Csincsak, his petition is the first that comes up and currently has over 1,430 signatures. Besides signing, fans can also leave supportive messages like this one from a woman in Florida: “Jesse was the most sincere, genuine, guy ever on the show.” Another from Jesse’s home state of Colorado perhaps puts it best, saying, “I’m saddened for Jesse and his recent break-up. He deserves nothing more than the same opportunity DeAnna got to find his TRUE love and ABC would be stupid not to bring him back as the next Bachelor.”

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: SummitDaily.com
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV