Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor is fast approaching. Doesn’t he look dreamy, holding his crossed leg on that antique folding chair? I wish I could be his wife and sit next to him in an equally uncomfortable stance and seat. Alas, it appears he may have already found his bride.

Speaking of which, here are some tidbits to tide you over until Ben’s adventure begins on January 2.

The Biggest Spoiler of Them All
A lawsuit from ABC hasn’t scared Reality Steve away from sharing his spoilers. Weeks before the show even begins airing, he’s released The Big One: The name of the woman who wins the show and Ben’s heart (or another part of his anatomy). If you want to stay blissfully innocent and un-jaded about The Bachelor, definitely DON’T click through and check out which woman Ben picks in the end. Even though, as they say, it’s all about the journey…

The Host with the Most (Enthusiasm)
Chris Harrison spoke to Parade Magazine recently, and shared his thoughts on why this season is going to be (oh, you know what’s coming) THE. MOST. DRAMATIC. AND BEST. SEASON OF THE BACHELOR. EVER! Here are some choice quotes from the interview. It sounds like Chris might secretly wish he could get a rose from Ben.

“I guess what I find the most challenging is just keeping up with our Bachelor or Bachelorette and staying in tune with them emotionally and trying to say and do the right things for them and be a friend. I’m a host, but more importantly, I feel like I’m a friend.”

“Fans will absolutely love this season. […] It is very good and it will definitely live up to the Bachelor name. Ben was great. Obviously, it really helps to have a great Bachelor, but the women are dynamic and fantastic and catty and emotional. At the same time, it’s this great evolution of a man.

“Ben and I — and you’ll see this in the show — it’s much more organic. Our deliberations became very casual and we did them actually before the cocktail parties even started.
That’s just the kind of relationship we had. It was really like going through this with a friend and feeling their pain and pushing them in the right direction and trying to help them if I feel like they’re about to make a huge mistake.”

“Our couples don’t face anything tougher than anybody else in the real world — your neighbor, your mom and dad, yourself. […] Everybody can relate to Ali and Roberto and what they just went through — falling in love and then the breakup. I think everybody has been in that position. Obviously, we take things to a different level with our dates and the escapism, but at the base of it all, I think we represent what everybody wants and that’s love and a relationship.”

The World’s Longest-Lasting Bachelorette Rumor Gets a Second Wind
Once again, rumors that Emily Maynard will be the next Bachelorette are swirling around the internet rumor toilet bowl mill. “It’s basically a done deal,” an uncited “source” close to Emily (NOT close to the network, who actually decide such things) reportedly told Life & Style. Nevermind that there’s no way that ABC would sign a contract with anyone to be the next Bachelorette when Ben’s season hasn’t even begun airing. I’d be willing to bet that if/when a woman from Ben’s season develops a fan following, ABC will sign her for The Bachelorette. Until then, maybe they’re keeping Emily as a backup. But — and I’m also betting that ABC knows this — lovely as she may be, a single mom who refuses to kiss anyone until the Overnight Dates would not riveting reality television make.

Ashley Hebert’s Dream Wedding
Apparently Ashley wants her Fall 2012 wedding to be outdoor, “simpler” than Kim Kardashian’s wedding (uhhhhh…), “down-to-earth,” in the Hamptons, with a large guest list, and possibly televised. Good luck making the first half of that list fit in with the second half, Ash.

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