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The redheaded stepchild of the Bachelor franchise, Bachelor Pad, is back on ABC! Here’s everything you need to know about which former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars have returned to the mansion for more skin-grabbing, money-grubbing action.

Read Up, Sound Off on Season 2
Everything about Bachelor Pad season 2, all in one place. (Updated as the season goes on.)

EPISODE 4 (August 29)
Look at episode photos: Bachelor Pad Week 4 Photos: The Return of the Kissing Contest

EPISODE 3 (August 22)

Hilarious and Enlightening Infographic: The Bachelor Pad Drama Map, Week 3
News Roundup:
How Does Michael Love Holly? Let Us Count the Ways…
Deleted Scenes:
Jake Reacts to His Elimination, Says ‘Vienna Thrives on Attention’
Read the recap:
Bachelor Pad Week 3 Recap: Sink or Sin
Look at episode photos:
Synchronized Swimming, Last Season’s Winners and… Bret Michaels?!

EPISODE 2 (August 15)
Hilarious and Enlightening Infographic: The Bachelor Pad Drama Map, Week 2
News Roundup:
Deleted Scenes, No Shirts and the ‘Funniest, Saddest Moment in Bachelor History’?
Read the recap:
Bachelor Pad Week 2 Recap: Human Targets, Inhuman Behaviors
Watch the challenge (VIDEO):
Tonight They Literally Throw Eggs at the Ugly People
Look at episode photos:
‘Target on My Back’ Challenge Puts the Pain in Paintball
Vienna Girardi Talks to Dr. Drew about the Dangers of Reality TV

EPISODE 1 – Premiere (August 8):
Hilarious and Enlightening Infographic: The Bachelor Pad Drama Map, Week 1
News: Bachelor Pad Premiere to be an Inexplicable Three Hours Long
Read the recap: Bachelor Pad Season 2 Premiere Recap: On the Wings of Hate
Watch the first challenge (VIDEO): Bachelor Pad 2 Premiere: Let the Sex Games Begin
Look at the episode photos: Bachelor Pad 2 Premiere Photos: Welcome to the Crazy House of Love

Bachelor Pad Official Photos: Check Out the Full, Half-Naked Cast of Season 2
Bachelor Pad Season 2 Official Cast Photos: Check Out Who’s Back at the Mansion

Here’s a link to the full Bachelor Pad 2 spoilers, including who gets eliminated, when, and after which humiliating challenges. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Rated R’s Bachelor Pad Exit Interview: ‘I Gave Bachelor Fans What They Wanted’
Bachelor Pad Exit Interviews: Ames and Jackie Broke Up, Gia Still Loves Jake
Jake Pavelka’s New Interview: I Went on Bachelor Pad to Get Closure with Vienna
Jake Pavelka’s Lack of Self-Awareness Has Reached Critical Mass

Here’s the cast list for Bachelor Pad 2 (learn more about everyone here!):

  • Jake Pavelka 
  • Justin Rated “R” Rego (The Bachelorette 6) 
  • Erica Rose
  • Kasey Kahl 
  • Vienna Girardi 
  • Kirk DeWitt (The Bachelorette 6)
  • Graham Bunn (The Bachelorette 4) 
  • Alli Travis (The Bachelor 15) 
  • Jackie Gordon (The Bachelor 15) 
  • Melissa Schreiber (The Bachelor 15)
  • Holly Durst (The Bachelor 12)
  • Michael Stagliano (The Bachelorette 5)
  • Michelle Money (The Bachelor 15) 
  • Ella Nolan (The Bachelor 14) 
  • Gia Allemand (The Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad 1)
  • William Holman (The Bachelorette 7)
  • Ames Brown (The Bachelorette 7)
  • Blake Julian (The Bachelorette 7)

Learn more about the 18 original cast members in our article series, “Everything You Need to Know About…”

  • The Crazy Girls of Bachelor Pad 2
  • The Nice Guys of Bachelor Pad 2
  • The Vixens of Bachelor Pad 2
  • The Crazy Guys of Bachelor Pad 2
  • The Nice Girls of Bachelor Pad 2
  • The Fresh Meat of Bachelor Pad 2

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