Despite only being in “paradise” for a few weeks now, several of the couples are looking like they are locked down.

Will the arrival of new beauties mean trouble when it’s guys’ choice at the rose ceremony?

Of course it will! This is Bachelor in Paradise!

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Early Moves

It’s barely five minutes after Dylan has gotten the boot and Elise is already officially moving on to Chris. She implies that giving Chris the rose was always her first choice, claiming that she knew Dylan would refuse and she wanted to embarrass him. Ummm, all you did was embarrass yourself, sweetie. 

In case you need a refresher, the couples are paired up as follows: Graham and AshLee, Marquel and Michelle, Robert and Sarah, Marcus and Lacy, Chris and Elise, and Zack and Clare.

After the rose ceremony, a new lady awaits the crew at the resort. It’s Danielle Ronco from The Bachelor season 18. Danielle has her eyes on Marquel, and she asks him to join her on her date in the morning. He says yes, and Michelle takes this to mean that their relationship is now over.

Michelle decides to move on to Robert, who thought Michelle was going to give him a rose but then didn’t.

Elise gets the next date card in the morning and asks Chris (duh) to accompany her. Elise primps in the bathroom while Chris is busy injuring his knee. Oh no! What will become of their date?!

Marquel and Danielle

Their date leads them to a private pool with some comfy-looking chaise lounges.

“Beautiful place, beautiful woman, what could be better?” asks Marquel.

Danielle confesses that she came to paradise with the intention of meeting Marquel. He is not creeped out.

“We definitely have instant chemistry,” says Danielle, who is already picturing having his babies in her head.

One might even say their chemistry is “electric,” as a lightning bolt strikes nearly five feet from where they’re standing. Thankfully, the producers usher them to safety.

Chris and Elise

Chris decides to fight through his pain and hobble through the date with Elise. They board a helicopter as Chris profusely sweats the pain out.

They settle down for dinner and Elise tells Chris how blessed he will be for fighting for her and being so sweet. 

A little note is delivered that gives them room keys for two separate rooms. Ha.

“Chris is truly a gentleman,” purrs Elise as he practically drags her up to the suite to “get to know her better.” 

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The Others

Michelle has been told that Robert is definitely into her, so she wants to make a move.

Michelle and Clare plan a double date for Robert and Zack. Michelle tells Sarah about her plan, just so that everything is out in the open. Sarah is bummed that Michelle is going for a guy that she gave her rose to.

The double date gets underway as Sarah mopes around. Michelle clearly states to Robert that she is into him.

“I’m not into anyone else,” Michelle tells him.

Sarah confides in Lacy that she’s tired of being the fifth wheel. “I feel like I missed out,” she sobs. Oh god, this is just as painful as when the guys cry in the limo after being dumped in the late stages of The Bachelorette.

Marquel and Danielle return from their date. Michelle sees them together and it confirms for her that she is done with him.

Still, it doesn’t look like any of the new couple-types are hooking up. Michelle and Robert haven’t kissed, and I don’t think Danielle and Marquel do either.

New Girl

It’s Jackie from Sean Lowe‘s season of The Bachelor! The gang on the beach is apparently stunned by Jackie’s amazing body. Really?

Jackie walks over to the bonfire, date card in hand. She tries to quickly get a feel for who is paired up, but Michelle informs her that the new rule is to just pick a guy without asking questions first.

Well, okay then! Jackie picks … Marquel! Damn. Cookie Monster is Mr. Popular this week.

Obviously, Danielle is sad.

Know who else is sad? Graham. Graham is sad because AshLee has practically branded her name on his tanned biceps. None of the other ladies will even consider Graham because AshLee claimed him from day one.

Graham confides in Michelle that AshLee is way, way ahead of him on the feelings front. She is already talking about Graham meeting her dad and them making “hot babies” together.

Marquel and Jackie

Marquel and Jackie head to Campeche and tour some ruins. Marquel says their chemistry is amazing. So far, this is the third person who has had “amazing chemistry” with Marquel.

Marquel tells Jackie that this has been his favorite date so far. Awww, sorry Danielle.

They discuss love while sweating on the ruins, and then they kiss. Again, sorry Danielle. Next time, Marquel? No need for that awkward speech telling her you don’t kiss on the first date right before you kiss her. On the first date.

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Bonds Grow

Chris and Elise return from their date and a quick stop at the hospital for a leg brace. Chris will be out of commission for a few weeks, which is obviously annoying to him because he’s in paradise trying to pick up chicks. Elise, on the other hand, is thrilled to have a little man-patient to dote on.

“Pain is actually a turning point in our relationship!” says Elise. “This moment is absolutely the reason I came to paradise. Chris is my man now. Forever.” Has Elise seen the movie Misery? She might want to give it a quick watch.

Sarah sees Elise going all-in with Chris and tries to warn her against getting too attached. Elise is having none of it. Sidenote: Robert has his arm slightly around Sarah during this conversation on the couch.

Zack and a huge sea turtle comfort Clare as the 10-year anniversary of her father’s death approaches. Clare views the sea turtle dropping its eggs as a sign that Zack and her are meant to be. I mean, obviously.

Graham and AshLee

Once again, the date is in Campeche. AshLee again professes her love for Graham.

As Graham tells AshLee that he wants to just focus on the date and not put pressure on forever, you can see the smile instantly fade from her face. She also pretends that it’s okay that Graham wants to sleep in separate rooms.

Still, they do share a little kissy-kiss while dancing in front of a mariachi band.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

Chris tells Michelle he’s thinking of leaving because he’s in excruciating pain. Clare recaps for us that the four solid couples are: her and Zack, Marcus and Lacy, Graham and AshLee, and Chris and Elise.

This means that Robert and Marquel’s roses are up for grabs. Robert is deciding between Sarah and Michelle, and Marquel is deciding between Jackie and Danielle.

Some quick fashion notes from the evening: Elise continues her penchant for sequins, and Marquel continues his penchant for bright ugly shirts.

Danielle tells Marquel that she had a great time on the date and — hint, hint — she’d like his rose. Jackie tells him the same thing.

Graham gives his rose to AshLee. Zack gives his rose to Clare. Marcus gives his rose to Lacy. No surprises there.

Marquel’s up. He gives his rose to Jackie. Ugh. Poor Danielle is trying to hold back her tears.

Robert says he is making the choice that is best for him, and he gives his rose to Sarah. Oh snap! Michelle is crying.

Chris calls Elise up but tells her he can’t give her his rose because he is going home, and would she come home with him please? He needs a nurse. I mean, a girlfriend. Of course, Elise says yes.

Chris is apparently still allowed to give his rose out, as he tells everyone that there is one person here who really deserves to find love … Michelle. She tearfully accepts the rose and says she will never, ever forget the kindness of Chris Bukowski.

Scenes from next week’s two-night event look amazing, as AshLee goes off the deep end and probably loses Graham for good.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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