You just knew it couldn’t be a happy ending for everyone on an MTV reality show. Tonight’s finale of A Double Shot at Love ended more like a Grimm’s tale than a Disney story. Even the ‘lucky half’ of the Ikki Twins has a lot of baggage to carry from now on.

But let’s not get too far ahead ourselves, when this episode started we were filled with hope for identical happy endings. With who, I can’t quite tell–because despite being less than a day away from the final elimination, no one’s feelings seem certain yet. Trevor says he is falling in love with both of the Twins and Rebekah says she can’t decide between the two. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it one last time–this can’t bode well. Our worries of impending heart-break are quickly confirmed by a voice-over that states repeatedly, “if the Twins choose the same person, that person will have to choose between the Twins.” Uh-oh.

For the last group date the Ikkis take Trevor and Rebekah to the beach. While they’re frolicking at the beach the Ikkis drop a bomb on Rebekah and Trevor, they’ll be meeting the girls parents that night. While Rikki and Vikki are thrilled to see their parents and have them meet their potential partners, the parental meeting doesn’t go as planned. Dad Steve isn’t sold on Trevor and says “he’s not the guys for my girls.” But lest you think it’s all anti-Trevor, it’s not. All the Ikki’s Dad can muster about either Rebekah or Trevor is “they both seem like nice kids.”

When Rikki and Vikki ask their parents point blank about Rebekah and Trevor, their Dad is painfully honest with them. He says he doesn’t think that Trevor or Rebekah could provide the lifestyle the Twins want. He says he envisions the Ikki’s living a life of “trophy wives, married to movie stars;” their mom Becki agrees. While Rikki and Vikki are insulted by what their parents had to say–they have a point. It probably costs a lot of money to keep up the perfect blonde locks (especially when you’re not a blonde), not to mention the fake tanning, and lord knows the matching outfits have to be pretty pricey.

While the visit with their parents don’t provide any insight for the Ikki Twins, they are hoping their final date will. For their last individual dates–which are really and truly individual–the girls share dinner and dessert with the remaining contestants. While things are looking more like dessert for Rebekah and Vikki on their dinner date, things aren’t going so well between Trevor and Rikki. Trevor it seems is having ‘buyers remorse’ and is feeling a wee bit sheepish about telling Rikki he loved her so soon. While there’s no way to really say that nicely to someone, Trevor really sticks his foot in his mouth by saying he’s “not 100% committed to that feeling.” Rikki realizes her lack of reaction to Trevor’s I love you is causing problems, so she tells him that she loves him. And for a moment, with Vikki and Rebekah getting hot and heavy on a love-seat and Trevor and Rikki declaring their mutual affection for each other, all looks right in the world.

When the two parties switch twins, things seems to go just as well between Rikki and Rebekah and Trevor and Vikki. Just like with her sister, Trevor immediately puts his foot in his mouth with Vikki. He tells her that “he has fallen in love, but that he has feelings for her sister.” For a moment we think that Trevor has made his decision, but within mere seconds he and Vikki are kissing passionately. Meanwhile, Rebekah and Rikki are getting a long swimmingly. Rebekah says she gets butterflies and tingles when she sees Rikki and the two spend much of their date kissing. Over half of the show has passed at this point and I have no idea who is feeling who the most, and I don’t seem to be alone. After the individual dates Vikki sums it all up nicely, “When I’m with Trevor, I know I am going to pick him. When I’m with Rebekah, I know I’m going to pick her.”

After a nights rest, everything seems to be clearer for everyone–except Trevor. After their hot dinner date, Rebekah has decided she’s head over heels in love with Vikki. Rikki says she wants to scream at the top of her lungs that she is in love and Vikki says she is 100% positive she has found the one. While this all sounds great, all I can think is “this can’t be good.” The dramatic music that is played as we reach the final elimination confirms my feeling.

First to see the girls is Rebekah–and if the reality TV formula I know applies to A Double Shot At Love–I know that Rebekah is about to have her heart broken and things are about to get very interesting between Rikki and Vikki. Cue even louder dramatic music. Rikki first tells Rebekah that she has found love, but not with her. The camera takes this moment to focus on Vikki’s crest-fallen face. (dun-dun-duh) Rebekah, who’s in love with Vikki anyway, takes this with a grain of salt and runs to Vikki with glee. That’s when Vikki breaks the news, “I too have fallen in love Rebekah, but unfortunately for you it’s with Trevor.” Camera focuses on Rikki, who bursts in to tears. (DUN-DUN-DUH.)

Now it is twin versus twin and poor sweet mellow surfer boy Trevor has no idea what he’s about to walk into. Making matters even worse, Trevor claims that he still doesn’t know who he is going to pick when walking into his elimination. Cue even more dramatic music. The twins get right down to it and tell Trevor that they have both fallen in love with him. For a man who has just had two beautiful women declare their love, Trevor looks ill. Really ill, like he might vomit or faint at any moment. After even more dramatic music and a long pause, Trevor has made his decision. I am positive he is about to reaffirm his love for Rikki, when Trevor declares he must follow his heart and his heart says Vikki. Huh? Both Vikki and my jaw hit the floor…obviously she’s just as surprised as the rest of us that Trevor chose her.

While the newly minted happy couple unite and kiss, Rikki stands shell-shocked and crying on the neighboring pedestal. Rikki can only take so much making out between her sister and her newly ex boyfriend, so she makes a run for it. For a moment, you think that’s how it’s going to end–but this is MTV so of course there is more drama to be had. After some angry tears, Rikki storms back to confront Vikki and Trevor. Cue the most dramatic music ever. While Rikki has a hug and congratulations for her sister, she can’t help but have a few stinging words for Trevor. Before storming out for good, she tells Trevor “I hope you are more real with her than you are with me.” With Vikki and Trevor standing shocked in the wake of Rikki’s confrontation, you begin to see the real life drama that awaits the two. A brand new couple that is already carrying some of the heaviest baggage in the world. Not to mention the very awkward family gatherings that await them in the future.


–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer


Abbey Simmons

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