It’s almost time! Tonight is the epic A Double Shot at Love finale and reunion show. We’ll discover whether both Ikkis find love or if there are some incredibly awkward family gatherings coming up in the Ikki family future.

In anticipation of the sure to be scandalous finale, we sat down and chatted with both Ikki Twins. Today we’re sharing our conversation with Vikki who took the time to chat with us about body shots in Jersey and what it was like watching the show with her sister.


Hi Vikki, it’s Abbey from BuddyTV.


How are you doing today?

Alright. I’m really sick but I’m getting through it.

I covered this a little bit with Rikki, but I was wondering for you was it more difficult to film the episodes together or was it more difficult to watch the episodes together?

I think to watch it together. Just because when you’re filming it you’re building the relationships and feelings as you go, but watching it the relationship has already been built. And you’re just watching them replay in front of your sister and plus seeing her alone time with people, that I wasn’t there. That was really hard.

Rikki said you guys usually aren’t attracted to the same type of people, do you believe that’s the case? Or do you think it was the nature of the show that you ended up being attracted to the same people?

Yeah. Well she always called dibs with who she wanted to hook up with, and whoever called dibs won. But I think that’s kind of hard. I didn’t think coming into it that we weren’t going to be attracted to the same people. I definitely thought the second I saw Trevor, I even said it on the show “Rikki’s totally going to fall for this surfer boy.” Because that’s what her type usually looks like. But when you get to know somebody and you have the same morals and values and stuff, and these people have the same as us and that’s why we’re compatible. Then you realize that you are attracted to the same people on the inside, as your sister is.

Yeah, being raised with the same values it makes sense that you would both be attracted to the same qualities in people but maybe not the same outside.

Yeah. On the outside, yeah for sure, I thought that Trevor was 100% Rikki’s type. And then Rebekah I thought was more my type. But once we got to know them we both realized it was getting a little tricky. Oh my gosh, you’re both of our types! But I think that’s all that really matters.

If you could go back in time and you would have known about Josh and Rosie, is there someone you wished you would have kept instead?

Yeah, for sure. I really wish I could have gotten to know Paul a little better. He had such a great effort for one of the challenges and you could tell he just wanted to get to know us so bad. So I would love to get the opportunity to get to know him a little more. Also, Kali. Just listening to what she had to say watching the show, not seeing that side of her but watching the show and seeing it that way, made me like oh my god–why couldn’t I have seen this when I was with her? Because she is such an awesome person too.

Did you have a favorite challenge or a favorite date while you were filming?

My favorite date is probably pretty funny, because it didn’t even make it on to the show. But Scottie’s hometown date with his family, was so much fun. Especially meeting the parents. They were the coolest people ever and they accepted us right away. We were just trying to push them and see where was their limit, and they didn’t have one. So it was so much fun.

Was there any memorable events, including Scottie’s hometown date that didn’t make it on to the show?

Yeah, his friends all did body shots off of us, like his parents did too. And, I probably shouldn’t say that stuff about the family. His Dad was cracking a lot of crazy little jokes that didn’t get on there, probably because of they didn’t, I don’t know…

Censor problems?

Yeah! Yeah, but that was really funny. His friends just doing body shots. Like one of his friends actually lifted, I think me up, to dump out the shot. Like completely me up and the shot came out. It was really funny.

When did you guys become worried you might be falling for the same people?

During hometowns was definitely when I started. Because the whole show pretty much people were feeling Rikki more than they were feeling me. And it made me a little guarded. And during hometowns, I was like “wow, I can really see it.” Well, not with Rebekah, but with Trevor. I could really see the way he was liking her more than me. And that sucked, or whatever. Yeah, whenever I was so upset over how Trevor was acting with Rikki and then I could see how they were together. I was like “woah, I really like him and you can tell they are really into each other too.”

After hometowns and there are only three people left, it was like you were probably all falling for the same people. And that’s when it was like–there are only three of them and two of us– whats going to happen?

What’s going to happen indeed. To find out, tune into the finale of A Double Shot At Love tonight on MTV. Be sure to check back tomorrow when we talk with both Ikki’s about the finale and life after A Double Shot.

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