In this week’s Bachelor roundup, Jillian Harris speaks her mind about Jesse Kovacs, Chris Soules hires a familiar face as his trainer and we get a sneak peek at the drama that’s about to unfold on Bachelor in Paradise

What Jillian Harris Said About Jesse Kovacs

When Jesse Kovacs arrived in Bachelor in Paradise, he made quite an impact to some of the ladies of the show but ended up with a tainted reputation as he ran his mouth about hooking up with both Lucy Aragon and Christy Hansen.  And once he realized that he would not be getting a rose, he decided to leave the island but not before referring to Christy as a “dumb blond” and boasting that he will have “60 e-mails with names and numbers” of people wanting to hook up with him. 

As expected, Jesse’s comments garnered negative reactions from Bachelor Nation, including Bachelorette season 5 star Jillian Harris. “Since my season, I have no hard feelings with Jesse,” she wrote in her blog. “But I was disappointed with his behavior… Can you believe what he said in the car ride home?!?!? I was shocked!!! He has proven how little he respects women, and it’s pretty disgusting that he doesn’t even see the harm in anything he does or says!!!!” 

Jillian also thanked Michelle Money for “standing up for girls all around the world and convincing Christy to tell Jesse off.” 

Since the episode aired, Jesse has apologized to Christy on his blog in OK Magazine. “I’ll start by saying, I’m in no shape to try and defend myself,” he wrote. “Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was brutal. I come off looking pretty bad and I only have myself to blame. I want to apologize to Christy. She didn’t deserve to be called a dumb blond and she should be upset with how she was treated. I made mindless statements about her and I feel like an a**hole.” 

Chris Soules Hires a Trainer

Chris Soules is gearing up for his Bachelor journey by hiring his friend and former Bachelorette contestant Cody Sattler as his trainer. “So excited to have my man Cody Sattler aka ‪#‎codycode‬ personal training me getting me ready for my journey at finding love on the ‪#‎BACHELOR‬,” he tweeted.

Chris and Cody bonded during The Bachelorette season 10, where they competed for Andi Dorfman. Chris finished third in the competition but was announced as the next Bachelor last month. Cody, on the other hand, was eliminated in episode 6 but joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise shortly after.

Backstabbing and Heartbreak in  Bachelor in Paradise 

Monday night marks the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise and viewers can expect heartbreak, backstabbing drama and shocking twists, at least based on the promos. Entertainment Tonight gives a sneak peek at what’s about to go down and it doesn’t look pretty.

“Michelle’s been a good friend to me. We have talked about Graham and I … I constantly tell her how grateful [I am] and ‘thank you for just being in my corner.’ I just want to love on her,” AshLee tells the cameras on Bachelor in Paradise.

Michelle, however,  encourages Graham to think twice about AshLee. “I don’t think she’s genuine and I don’t think that she’s here for you,” Michelle tells Graham.  “I think she’s here to put on a show. I think she’s here to act like someone that she’s not. And I’m telling you right now, I don’t think she’s right for you. I’m way too protective… I can’t handle it.”

Will Graham take Michelle’s advice or will he still choose AshLee? Find out in the Bachelor in Paradise season finale on Monday, September 8 at 8pm on ABC.

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