Now that it’s down to five HGs on Big Brother 16, the nominations don’t matter nearly as much as the Power of Veto. Well, this week neither of those actually matter, but I’ll try to amuse you anyway as we slog through a week that is more useless than Victoria. So to fill time, CBS has brought in two fan favorites for a big announcement.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Frankie is the new HoH.

Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria.

However, the HGs all pushed the Rewind Button Thursday night, meaning there will be no eviction this week. Like nine of the eviction votes this season, it was a unanimous decision, though Derrick, true to form, refused to commit to anything. All they know is that a clock is counting down to Wednesday night, but they are unaware that it will undo everything that happens this week.

So it doesn’t matter that Frankie nominated Cody, thus confirming what Cody already knew, that Frankie doesn’t trust him as much as Caleb or Derrick. The plan is to vote out Victoria, but Frankie and Caleb have already talked about possibly taking out Cody instead to give them an easier path to victory, though they obviously haven’t shared that. That could be interesting, especially if they decide to cut Cody and tell him about it before Wednesday’s eviction. Cody NOT being evicted would certainly make next week very awkward.

Elsewhere, Derrick continues to fluff Frankie’s ego about Team America and all of his competition wins to solidify their Final 2 deal while Frankie is telling Caleb that they need to win the rest of the competitions to go to the end together. And Derrick is also feeding Caleb’s ego, telling him that Caleb will definitely win Fan Favorite. It will be very interesting if Cody or Victoria win PoV this week, because it will force Frankie to choose between Caleb and Derrick.

The HGs are also realizing that Derrick is basically guaranteed to make the Final 2 because everyone would take him since they think they’ll beat him, but no one seems to care about that. While we all know that Derrick has played a masterful game, it might be too invisible to the other HGs, so he could wind up losing in the finale because his game was TOO good. Many HGs may just look at Caleb or Frankie as competitive beasts and give the win to them based solely on that factor.

Big Jeff Finally Proposes

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd entered the house on Friday and, in front of friends, family and the Final 5 HGs of this season, he proposed to her. And, of course, Jordan said “Yes.” Jeff and Jordan are finally getting married! Country singer Brett Eldredge was also there to sing. Here’s a photo Jeff tweeted from the event:

jeffproposal.jpgTheir love story started in the house back in season 11, and since Jeff got evicted in fifth place, I suppose it makes some sense. It’s also an obvious attempt by CBS to boost the ratings and fill airtime because they know this season’s HGs are so freaking boring that they need to add a proposal from two past fan favorites to get people interested.

Team America

Late Friday, Derrick got the newest Team America mission. He and Frankie must convince everyone that there’s a rodent in the house and keep everyone up all night to try and catch it. They, of course, think that this means America loves them because they got a doable mission. The plan is to do it Saturday night and they must keep everyone awake until 6am, which isn’t that hard since they stay up all night anyway.

Pet for a Day

The only other interesting thing is that, for live feed subscribers, there’s a new poll asking if the HGs should get a Dog or a Bunny as a pet for a day inside the house. Yes, the show knows things are boring and that this week doesn’t matter, so they’re bringing in Jeff, Jordan AND a dog (which will obviously win) just to fill airtime in the upcoming episodes.

My only hope is that, instead of an actual dog or bunny, the pet is just Zach (or maybe a past HG) dressed up like a dog or a bunny. Ian did have a dog costume in season 14 and Jen wore a bunny suit in season 8. I would enjoy seeing any of that, especially if it’s just Zach barking at Victoria for 24 hours.


-This is Victoria’s seventh nomination. The only other HGs with that many are Donny this year and Spencer last year, who had nine.

-It is Day 78 and Derrick has now officially lasted longer than anyone in the history of the game without being nominated. The previous record-holder was season 3’s Jason Guy, who was first nominated on Day 78 (when he lost the third and final part of the last HoH competition).

-This is Frankie’s fifth time as HoH. He has nominated Victoria three times and Cody twice.

-There have now been 51 nominations made this season, 30 of which were for women. Frankie has only received one of those nominations and Derrick has received none of them.

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