As everything comes full circle, Lost is over. And I am confused.

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As promised, the series ended with many, many answers. We learned a bit about how the end game panned out, about all those troubles on the Island, but most importantly, we learned a lot about the characters that got involved in the process–the people that crashed on Oceanic 815. The producers promised we’d get answers to precisely that, and I think they followed through.

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But the finale leaves a window big enough for the things that weren’t answered. What happens next? What’s the full implication of everything that happened on both the original timeline and the alternate timeline? I’m just glad that, in the end, everything still happened–that it wasn’t a reset–but I still need a couple of days to make sense of everything.

But here’s my most important question. Has it been worth it? Did you finish Lost satisfied, or did it feel like a cop-out to you? Were there things you still want to know about, or are you content with how things ended? The floor is yours, fellow Losties. Leave your comments below, while we work on our full recap of the finale, as well as what will be said during the Jimmy Kimmel Live special later.

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