Sometimes it’s hard to be a hero on Arrow, especially with the press and FBI attention focusing on vigilantes in the most recent episode, “Tribute.” However, the many heroic types roaming around Star City try their hardest. Which of them proved to be the biggest hero of the week?


As always, there is definitely a case to be made for Oliver Queen being the biggest hero on Arrow. But does he deserve that title in “Tribute”? Sure, the man shot arrows into many, many Russian mobsters. He also saved a bunch of reporters and foreign businessmen from those same bad guys. One could also argue that Oliver did the heroic thing by hanging up his quiver in favor of being present for William.

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On the other hand, Oliver dumped all Green Arrow responsibility on Diggle. That seriously lessens the nobility of the gesture — does he not remember that John also has a child? In addition, considering that Diggle still is not able to shoot anyone, any heroism in Oliver’s vigilante abdication may turn into foolishness.


Not only did Lance help Oliver get away from the mobsters (actually driving the getaway van), but the former cop additionally managed to stall the FBI. That takes serious bluster skills and was a heroic effort to keep Oliver out of trouble.

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Curtis and Felicity

Arrow‘s resident tech gurus never do much actual fighting — although Mr. Terrific has been pulling his weight in the field this season — but they still qualify as heroes. Both Curtis and Felicity were instrumental in “Target,” expertly tracing Anatoly and the leaked photo of Oliver. It was their work that tracked down the last hostage, and it was their work that proved the photo to be a fake.

Without the techies, “Target” would have ended in a very, very different way.

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