Arrow always has its heroes, and lots of them. The biggest question from any episode, therefore, is which character acted most heroically. In the Arrow season 6 premiere, “Fallout,” there are several contenders.

Big Heroes


Obviously, Oliver Queen needs to make the hero list. The show is named for his character, after all, and Oliver rarely fails to fight someone or something heroically. “Fallout” sees Oliver racing across the fiery destruction of Lian Yu, hurling himself off an overpass to save a friend, battling an assortment of evil minions and staying stoic at Thea’s bedside.

Oliver is also grappling with that whole being-a-father thing, which, as the greeting cards always remind us, may be the most heroic thing of all. But Oliver Queen still is not the biggest hero here.

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Quentin Lance has had a tough few years — all of the years Arrow has been on the air, in fact. Since his most recent trauma included shooting his already-dead daughter and then having to face her as an enemy again, his continued existence might be considered an act of sheer heroism. The guy additionally has to avoid the temptations of booze, so bravery definitely has a place with Lance.

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Everyone remember Raisa from the Arrow series premiere? Good. She is back now, and apparently charged with wrangling Oliver’s sulky, traumatized kid. Considering what that child has been through — and that Oliver is a somewhat deadly boss — Raisa has to deal with a lot in “Fallout.”


This may be a stretch, but you have to give hero points to anyone who picks up fast food for the team after a mission.

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But the Biggest Hero Is…


Mr. Terrific rarely gets the credit he is due on Arrow. Those funky drone spheres of his can basically do anything (not a great trait now that Laurel has gone and stolen one), and he keeps running out into the field after many, many injuries and narrow escapes.

The real heroism in this episode, however, comes from the fact that Curtis singlehandedly stops a ballistic missile from striking Star City. Without him, all of that other heroism would not have even had a chance to happen.

Way to be the hero, Curtis!

Do you think Curtis is the biggest hero in “Fallout”? Who else has heroic actions that need to be recognized? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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