After Lian Yu exploded with pretty much everyone on it, the question for the Arrow season 6 premiere was who survived. However, that was revealed pretty quickly to be almost everyone, though that doesn’t mean that those who made it off the island alive weren’t affected by what happened, even months later.

Here are seven signs that Diggle’s hiding something after the island explosion.

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Diggle Was Running from the Bombs When They Went Off

The plan was to take cover from the bombs in the plane, but when Samantha ran off to look for William, Thea and Felicity went after her. Thea sent Felicity back to the plane, but when Felicity fell, Diggle helped her up, and the two of them were still running for cover when the bombs went off. Since he was closest (and pretty much everyone was revealed to be alive early on in the episode), it seemed obvious that he’d be affected in some way.

Diggle Missed a Shot in the Field

Arrow 601 Diggle missed shot.jpgWhen the team went after Black Siren and her mercenaries, Diggle missed a shot when one of them was aiming for Rene. His hand was shaking.

Diggle Was Squeezing His Hand into a Fist

After missing the shot, Diggle was squeezing the hand that had been shaking into a fist in the bunker. Could that be related?

Diggle Avoided Dinah’s Questions

When Dinah asked Diggle if he was all right since he seemed distracted, he said he was just worried about Rene. However, she saw him take the shot at the mercenary and he missed, something she’s never seen. “Nobody makes every shot,” he replied, brushing off her concerns, and instead questioned her about her reaction regarding Black Siren.

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Diggle Volunteered to Operate the Comms

When Felicity and Curtis had to be in the field with bomb detectors, Diggle offered to stay in the bunker on comms. “Someone has to take one for the team,” he said. “My gun would get lost in all that ARGUS and SCPD firepower anyways.”

The Tremor Returned to Diggle’s Hand When the Mercenaries Attacked the Bunker

The tremor also bothered him enough that he stopped to stare at his hand mid-fight and one of the mercenaries was able to knock him down. (Oliver came to his rescue.)

Dinah Confronted Diggle About His Gun Use

Arrow 601 Diggle gun.jpgAfter the fighting was over, Diggle was groaning in pain as he moved his arm and there was a flashback to him on the island as it exploded. He claimed he was “good” when Dinah asked if he was okay.

However, she then pointed out that he doesn’t seem to be using his gun much these days. She even checked it after the fight; he didn’t fire it and none of the mercenaries were hit either. Curtis interrupted before Diggle could say anything. 

Do you think Diggle’s hiding something? What could it be? Share your theories in the comments below. 

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