There’s nowhere to hide for Mayor Oliver Queen, now officially known as the Green Arrow.

“Nobody can know my secret” was Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) mantra from day one, but no man is an island unto himself. He’s killed with conviction and lied with pathological ease, either halting the curious in their tracks or bringing them into his inner circle. Now that all his sins have been laid bare on national television, what’s a vigilante to do?

The answer, of course, is smile. Smile and lie. 

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Oliver has the charisma and mettle to stare down a room of reporters and spin a yarn, but this time around, it’s not only the media that needs convincing. Team Arrow has faced down law enforcement before, but Lance’s (Paul Blackthorne) season 1 vendetta will pale in comparison to the FBI’s upcoming investigation. 

“What [Oliver] hasn’t counted on is the one FBI agent that will just stop at nothing to prove — Special Agent Watson [Sydelle Noel] just thinks I’m full of sh–,” Amell told Entertainment Weekly. “She is 100 percent sure. If Lance in season 1 was 100 percent sure, Special Agent Watson is like 400 percent sure that he is totally f—ing lying and that he is the Green Arrow and she doesn’t care.”

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We’re interested to find out how Oliver plans to pull the wool over the eyes of the populace. Star City is still reeling from the realization that their District Attorney was really a psychopathic serial killer manipulating the judicial system like some sort of grotesque puppet theater. What will they think when they learn their mayor is involved in one of the biggest cover-ups in modern politics? He has blood on his hands, the deaths innocents on his conscience and an agenda that clearly keeps him out of the office. Can love of the Green Arrow, a good lie and trust in the mayor’s office really convince his constituents to turn a blind eye?

How do you think Oliver will evade the FBI? Can his silver tongue keep him in power? Tell us in the comments below!

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