Arrow has been heating up as its first season bustles along, and this week’s new episode, “Dead to Rights,” is sure to leave fans breathless. This will be disappointing for some as the show is taking a brief three-week break, not returning until March 20, but the wait will seem even longer after you watch the episode.

All of the pieces are in place for some big action. Moira Queen has recruited China White to order a hit on Malcolm Merlyn to get out of the Undertaking. Oliver is dating a cop who is on the task force hunting down the vigilante. And Felicity Smoak is a provisional member of Team Arrow.

“Dead to Rights” sees Moira’s plan unfold as an assassin is hired to kill Malcolm. This certainly creates some tension for the audience as Oliver is unaware that his best friend’s dad is also his archenemy, the Dark Archer.

The episode features plenty of action, some intense interpersonal drama and more than one shocking, game-changing revelations. Here are five teasers for what you can expect from Arrow.

The Return of Deadshot

Back in the third episode we met Floyd Lawton, an expert assassin known as Deadshot who killed Diggle’s brother. He survived, but Oliver shot an arrow through one of his eyes. Now he’s back to target Malcolm and, with a little technological help from China White, he more closely resembles the one-eyed bad-ass from the comics.

Happy Birthday, Tommy

It’s Tommy Merlyn’s birthday which gives us a chance to see a surprisingly not-that-awkward double date with Tommy, Laurel, Oliver and McKenna. That is, until Tommy’s dad shows up. It’s chilly, but the episode teaches everyone some valuable lessons about the bond between fathers and sons.

Back on Gilligan’s Island

The island flashbacks this week rely heavily on Oliver’s ability to build a radio out of coconuts. OK, it’s not quite that ridiculous, but it does involve radios and a Gilligan’s Island reference. We also find out that Oliver didn’t originate shirtless pull-ups.

A Call from Mom

In an episode all about fathers and sons, Laurel Lance gets a phone call and the caller ID says “MOM.” She doesn’t answer it, but that’s not the end of the story, especially since it’s already been announced that Doctor Who star Alex Kingston has been cast in the role.

Game Changer

To say much more would be spoiling the fun, but let’s just say that someone learns something very shocking about someone they care about. And given all the secret identities going on, from Moira Queen ordering a hit on Malcolm Merlyn to Oliver being the vigilante to Malcolm being the Dark Archer, there are a lot of possible game-changing revelations.

Tune in for all this and more when Arrow airs Wednesday at 8pm on the CW.

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