There was love in the air on Arrow. Awkward love for both Oliver and Diggle. Felicity made her presence known right away by interfering in her new partners’ love lives and by sharing her disdain for Oliver’s choice in targets. While Oliver was chasing the jewel thief, “Dodger,” Thea searched for the guy who stole her purse.

Welcome, Felicity

The twosome officially became a threesome with Felicity joining Team Arrow, even if only until Walter is found. It’s amazing she can get any work done with a shirtless Oliver working out in the same room. It would be completely understandable if she sat there swooning the whole time.

She immediately disrupted Oliver’s method of choosing targets when she reminded him that if he killed his current one. he would be leaving an orphan behind. In this case, Oliver didn’t plan on killing the guy anyway, rather planned on “talking” him into doing the right thing by returning stolen money.

Love is in the Air

Felicity was not only a force on the vigilante side, but in their personal love lives as well. She convinced Diggle to finally ask his sister-in-law,Carly, out on a date, who in turn convinced Oliver to ask out McKenna.

Both men have faced formidable foes before, but nothing as terrifying as their first dates. And, they both took missteps due to their past. Diggle brought up his dead brother ruining a romantic moment, while Oliver’s inability to talk about his time on the island pushed McKenna away.

In a way, these rough beginnings led to honest discussions. Diggle and Oliver were both given another opportunity with their dates and even got a kiss! While Diggle and Carly seem perfect for each other, I”m not sure about Oliverr and McKenna.

I’m all about Oliver and Felicity hooking up!

Dodger the Jewel Thief 

A new villain showed up in Starling City, Dodger, who’s called that because he forces someone else to steal the jewels by putting a bomb necklace on them. He forced a security guard to steal a giant ruby.

Dodger went to sell it to the fence, who never intended to pay for the gem, and killed him. Oliver decided to target and bring down Dodger by setting him up. The Queen family donated an old broach that would draw Dodger’s attention to a charity auction.

The thief fell for the set-up and showed up to steal the broach, but instead of using someone else, he grabbed it on his own. Felicity saw him take it and approached him with terrible results. She was put in a bomb necklace.

Dodger escaped. After an explosion and motorcycle chase, Oliver caught him, brought him down, and turned off the bomb.

Roy the Pickpocket

While Oliver was chasing down Dodger, Thea was tracking down one of her own. After getting her purse stolen, Thea tracked down the pickpocket, Roy Harper. Detective Lance brought him in and interrogated him. Roy said that he stole to take care of his recovering Vertigo addict mother. Thea felt bad for him and decided not to press charges.

Instead, she went to Roy’s house to get her purse back. She got the purse back, but Roy taunted her about her privileged status and gullibility in believing his story. He may be from the wrong side of town, but he’s just the kind of guy Thea likes.

Moira Wants Out

Arrow’s visit to Moira was the tipping point regarding her involvement with the Undertaking. She contacted one of Robert’s former allies about getting out of the Undertaking. He also wanted out. Their decision was dangerous, but they both decided it was worth it.

Moira met with China White and hired the assassin to kill Malcolm Merlye. A war is coming! Will Arrow find out about the hit and protect Malcolm?

Sacrifice on the Island

In order to save Slade, Oliver went back to the cave to get the healing herbs. While in the cave, an unknown, suspicious, injured man entered. Oliver had to decide whether to help him and risk not getting back in time to save Slade. It was unclear what happened to the injured man, but Oliver chose to help Slade. One of the many choices that Oliver made on the island that continue to haunt him.

Do you like the new romantic pairings? Neither Tommy nor Laurel were on this week, did you miss them? What would you like to see happen with Roy Harper?

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