During the final flash-forward look at the end of the Arrow episode “Blood Debts” eagle eyed fans noticed something amiss. Felicity is no longer wearing her engagement ring to Oliver. It led many people to wonder and speculate over the meaning of the missing prop. Is it possible it was a mistake on production’s part or an intentional clue? Arrow star, Stephen Amell, is here to clear up the confusion.

Amell was at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey when he opened up on the mysterious flash-forward. Comicbook.com reports that Amell said of Felicity’s missing ring, “Felicity is not wearing her ring in that flash forward scene, and that was not a mistake. Spoiler alert, I probably mess it up.” Of course, the “I” in that sentence refers to Amell’s character Oliver Queen and no one can probably say they’re surprised by that information. Disappointed, maybe, but surely it comes as no shock that Oliver can screw up his seemingly perfect relationship with Felicity. 

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If Felicity and Oliver have broken up, or at the very least called off their engagement, it would explain some of Felicity’s anger in that scene. Granted, Felicity could be angry about whoever funeral she just attended but she doesn’t seem too thrilled when Oliver gets into the limo either. It’s a far cry from their romantic canoodling in the back of limo when they first got engaged in “Dark Waters”. It’s pretty clear that Oliver and Felicity’s relationship is in for some tough times.

The reason for their break-up might have already been revealed. In The Flash crossover episode, “Legends of Yesterday” Felicity found out about Oliver’s illegitimate child with a former girlfriend. A child that Oliver was keeping secret because of the mother’s (insane) wishes. Felicity didn’t take too kindly to be lied to and broke up with Oliver, only for Barry Allen to run so fast he reversed time. This ended up saving the day and Oliver’s relationship. However in the current timeline, Oliver is still keeping up a relationship with his son and without Felicity’s knowledge.  I’d put good money on the secret coming out (again) and Felicity breaking up with Oliver (again). 

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Whatever the reason for the break up, it’s unlikely that it’s permanent. The pairing is too popular, and frankly too important on Arrow, to be gone forever. The mood in that limo is chilly but Oliver and Felicity are still sharing a limo, things can’t be that bad between them. It’s more likely that this will be another “off” period in Oliver and Felicity’s ongoing on-and-off relationship because it’s a TV show. 

But what do you think? Is there a permanent Olicity break up in the coming? What will Oliver do to mess it up? Does it involve his secret relationship with his son? Or is it more tied into the grave mystery? Is it possible that it involves both?

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