Oliver and Felicity drove off into the sunset at the end of last season, but he hasn’t put away the Arrow outfit forever. At San Diego Comic-Con, Stephen Amell walked out on stage at “A Night of DC Entertainment” to reveal the new Green Arrow costume.

Earlier that day, Amell spoke with BuddyTV and other reporters about Arrow Season 4, including Oliver’s and his team’s new chapter, Oliver’s new state of mind, talents and physical change, HIVE, and more.

Check out the video interview and highlights below.

Highlights from the interview:

  • The first chapter (first 3 seasons) has come to a close. “We drove into the sunset.”
  • Oliver has been through his first chapter and the rest of Team Arrow is starting a new chapter as well. They are now where we first found Oliver after the island.
  • Amell is not at all like the Oliver of Seasons 1-3 and there were things he didn’t like about Oliver.  Season 4 Oliver is closer to Amell’s own personality.
  • Oliver doesn’t know much about Damien Darhk.
  • When R’as mentioned a “Hive of Operatives” Oliver didn’t realize that he meant an actual HIVE. That’s Diggle knowledge, not Oliver knowledge.
  • Damien will bring elements to Starling City which will fuel Oliver’s flashbacks in Season 4.
  • Amell would reveal “nothing” about the flashbacks.
  • Oliver will spend time in Coast City and meets “an old friend.”
  • When Season 4 picks up, Oliver is running “as always. He’s always running.”
  • Oliver has a new skill set this season and it’s related to domestic living.
  • Oliver is “100%” accepting a chance of happiness.
  •  “Oliver is almost entirely at peace.” That’s emotionally and will be seen through a physical change.
  • Oliver’s reaction to Sara’s return will depend on what state she’s in. 
  • In Season 3, they teased a lot about what the Lazarus Pit does to someone and that will be explored this season. Thea was still alive when she went in the Pit. Sara’s been dead a year and that’s a different thing.

Arrow Season 4 premieres Wednesday, October 7 at 8pm ET on the CW.

(Image courtesy of WBTV/ Video: Carla Day)

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