iZombie season 1 ended with Liv’s secret out. In order to save Major she had to turn him into a Zombie and naturally he got upset about the lying. And being a zombie. So she gave him half the cure and the other half to Blaine. Liv’s brother also went to work as Suzuki blew it up. The only thing to save him, her blood which she doesn’t give up. 

So what’s coming up in season 2? The cast sat down at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 to dish.

Here are some brain bits to get you excited for iZombie season 2 coming this fall: 

1. Aly Michalka who plays Payton, will be back for season 2. 

2. After eating some brains, Liv will learn how to play guitar and she will sing. She’ll eat the brains of a grumpy old man, a frat boy and a real housewife of Seattle.  

3. We’re going to get to learn more about Clive as the show dives into his backstory. He’ll also be getting a love interest! 

4. Everyone is still angry with Liv so it might be a bit of a depressing season.

5. Things will be even more complicated between Blaine and Liv as Max Rager plans to eradicate the zombie population of Seattle. 

6. While we saw the zombies on the offensive in season 1, iZombie season 2 will have them playing defense.

Here’s the sizzle reel from the panel: 

iZombie returns to The CW October 6. 

(Image courtesy of CW)

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