Last time on Scream, Ghostface called Emma and told her what we all already knew. This whole thing started with her mother, Maggie, but it’s going to end with her. So who will be the next to die in this episode, “Wanna Play a Game?”

The episode starts with a flashback to 1994. Ghostface, or Brandon James, killed two kids. And Noah’s rehashing it to Piper Shay. He says it’s only a matter of who’s next.

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Why Did Ghostface Kill Rachel?

Emma overhears her mom and the sheriff talking about how Rachel’s death wasn’t a suicide. It was a murder. She also overhears that her mom received that heart. She doesn’t want to tell Emma because it will bring up questions she can’t answer. Well, too late. Emma storms away, only to get a creepy text.

Audrey goes to Rachel’s wake, and she seems devastated. She sneaks up to Rachel’s room and starts to test hanging herself from Rachel’s fan. That’s when Emma shows up and tells her that Rachel didn’t kill herself. “I knew it,” Audrey says. The question is: who would want to kill her? Emma says she doesn’t know, but she’s a terrible liar.

Emma finally tells Audrey about the messages and phone conversations with Ghostface. She thinks that he killed Rachel because of her, and she thinks he knows her. Audrey tells her to write him back. She wants to know why he killed Rachel. So Emma DM’s him, “I know you killed Rachel. Tell me why.”

Jake and Will’s Business

Jake continues to exhibit some wildly disturbing behavior. He digs up an old box, but whatever he’s looking for is gone.

It turns out he hid some money there. Jake goes to see Will and says they have a huge problem because their money’s gone, but it turns out Will took it. Will thinks that their business is too risky now and he doesn’t want to lose Emma or his scholarship. Did I miss what this business was? Is it something having to do with the files on Nina? Either way, Jake later tells Brooke that he and Will are having problems.

Brooke and Mr. Branson Continue Their Illicit Affair

Brooke and Mr. Branson have gotten back together, but they’re just having Skype sex. Then she decides they should play a game. She left a dirty picture in his classroom and he needs to find it before someone else does. Honestly, this thing can’t end well.

Riley, Booke and Emma hang out in the bathroom before class. Riley is upset that Noah’s not talking to her anymore. Brooke, meanwhile, is using Nina’s lipstick now because she’s the new Heather. Emma isn’t really interested in their antics, though.

They leave and Emma runs into Will, who offers her an iPod as a peace offering. At first, she refuses, but she finally accepts. Of course, Kiernan and Brooke are both right there watching on.

They all go to class. Throughout the discussion, Mr. Branson is going through the classroom and searching for the picture. He then splits everyone up in pairs for a project. He pairs up Emma and Kiernan, Audrey and Will, Riley and Noah, and Jake and Brooke.

Jake and Brooke discuss their project. Then they talk about being the cat or the mouse, and Jake brings up how you never really know if you’re the cat or the mouse. He says that Brooke might not really be the top predator like she thinks she is. Maybe Mr. Branson is playing her.

The Old Case Files

Of course, Emma and Kiernan bond during their class project and Will’s pissed. Kiernan lets it slip that he has the old Brandon James case files and Emma wants to check them out, so he says he’ll bring them to her.

They start going over the files, but Kiernan says he has to go. Right before he leaves, he finds a file about Emma’s dad. Then they learn that Emma’s mom was Daisy and that Brandon James was obsessed with her. The pieces are finally starting to come together for Emma. Of course, someone’s watching from outside.

The Big Confrontation

Emma comes right out and asks why her mom never said she was Daisy and brings up the heart. She finally admits that the killer’s been calling her and that he said her life is a lie and that her mom’s a liar. Her mom says that she was trying to protect her, but Emma says she was just trying to protect herself.

Emma, of course, gets another call. The killer got her DM, but he’ll only answer her questions when he’s ready. He also threatens to kill Emma’s mom if she tells. He says that he’s the only one telling her the truth. “You’re sick. I’m done playing your games and I’m done with you,” she says and hangs up. Bad move, Emma. The killer messages her that he’ll play with someone else.

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Noah and Riley’s Class Project

Riley and Noah get to hash things out during their class project. Noah’s typically awkward, but they work things out.

Noah blindfolds Riley and shows her where he works. “It’s beautiful,” she says. He wants their class project to be based on video games. “You get me,” she says and they kiss. They really are the most adorable couple.

They’re about to have sex, but Riley’s phone starts going off. She gets a message from Tyler saying, “Help me.” But we all know that Tyler’s dead.

Tyler’s Text

Riley meets with the group and tells them that Tyler wants their help. He said that he didn’t kill Nina and he needs help. Brooke says that she got a text too. But Emma realizes that it wasn’t really Tyler. Riley says that they need to help him, but the others want to go to the police. Riley storms away, while Will and Jake realize they need to give Tyler his part of the cash or they’ll get into trouble.

While Jake and Will wander off, the rest of the group go to the police and find out that the texts were sent from Tyler’s account. Riley needs to text him back and meet him in public. She feels really uncomfortable turning on him, but she does it.

Jake vs. Will

Jake and Will meet to dig up the money, which I’m still a little confused about; it definitely has something to do with Nina, though. But it turns out that Jake didn’t text Tyler like he said he would and Will lied about where the money really was. Jake says they need to help each other or they’ll all be out for themselves and storms away, while we see that Will has had a knife behind his back the whole time. It looks like the bromance is over.

Riley’s Meetup

Riley goes to the meetup location, but Tyler’s not there. Meanwhile, the others wait in the police station and Brooke gets a text. She lies and says it’s her dad and leaves. It’s probably the killer posing as Mr. Branson.

The car finally shows up, so Riley goes out so Tyler can see her. A hooded figure, who is obviously not Tyler, comes out and the police surround him. It’s some random guy. He was paid to come and deliver a picture of Ghostface. So where’s Ghostface now?

Riley comes back to the police station and is so upset. She’s thinking about both Tyler and Noah. She completely bailed on Noah. Emma says he’d probably understand, what with the whole murder investigation thing. Just then, Emma notices that Brooke’s gone.

The Next Kill

Brooke, of course, thinks she’s meeting Mr. Branson. She ignores her phone while she changes into her lingerie.

Emma starts texting the killer. He tells her she has to pick between the good girl or the bad girl. She calls Riley and thinks that she’s okay, so she tells him not to hurt Brooke. But, of course, Riley’s not okay. Nobody’s safe! Ghostface says okay, and Riley immediately gets a text.

Like a fool, Riley leaves the safety of the police station, while Brooke puts a blindfold and handcuffs on and waits for Mr. Branson.

Ghostface shows up right behind Riley. She valiantly tries to run, but he stabs her in the back. She makes it to the roof and bangs on the window, but the janitor is listening to his music. Just then, Noah calls and he watches her die. “I can see our stars,” she says. It’s super sad.

Brooke, meanwhile, is still waiting on Mr. Branson. “This gives new meaning to anticlimactic,” she says. She takes the blindfold and handcuffs off.

Emma, her mom and the police get back to the police station when Brooke calls. Emma hears that Brooke is safe, but now Riley’s gone. She calls Riley’s phone and sees that it’s ringing on the roof and that Riley’s dead. She thinks it’s all her fault. 

The sheriff, meanwhile, makes it to Tyler’s car, but it explodes. They have to know that Tyler wasn’t the killer now, right?

Scream airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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