We’re up to the fourth episode of Scream and we’re nowhere closer to finding out who the killer is. So who will die in this episode? “Aftermath” starts with the aftermath of Riley’s death. Everyone’s grieving over Riley. Noah is devastated and says he needs to know who would do this. “So do I,” Emma says. Brooke, meanwhile, feels guilty about leaving Riley for her booty call.

At the same time, the sheriff and Maggie are at Tyler’s car. Emma shows up right when they reveal that Brandon James’ mask just happens to be at the scene.

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They Still Think Tyler’s the Killer

Everyone goes to the town meeting. Jake seems pretty happy that Tyler and Nina are gone so that they can’t hurt him and Will anymore. They just have to trust each other, but Will is clearly still pissed. These two are going to have the biggest showdown by the end of the season.

The town meeting starts and the sheriff says that Tyler attacked Riley and fled the scene. She was killed by the same person that killed Nina, and the mask was found in Tyler’s car. “I’m confident that we’ve got our man,” he says. “It’s over.” He couldn’t be more wrong.

Audrey then asks the sheriff if Tyler killed Rachel too, but he refuses to answer her questions. Emma pulls her aside and promises that they’ll figure it out. She thinks that the killer’s still out there. Of course he is. They can’t find him that easily.

Maggie, meanwhile, is trying to identify the body, but the body’s too burned and they can’t seem to find Tyler’s head.

Emma and Will’s Saga Continues

Emma goes to work and Will just happens to show up. He says he had to check up on her and she’s really struggling. It turns out Emma and Will are trying to be friends now. Just then, Brooke calls to talk about nail polish.

Brooke and Emma hang up, and Brooke gets a text. It looks like some sort of poll about her, but the really dramatic music is playing, so we know the killer has something to do with it.

Is The Sheriff a Scapegoat?

Piper has been snooping around throughout the episode. She has even made a podcast about the murders. She goes up to Emma at work and says that people need Tyler to be the killer and that there are going to be some serious scapegoats, including the sheriff.

And, of course, she’s right. Riley’s family wants to sue the town and the sheriff. The sheriff tells Maggie that Rachel’s name came up at the meeting, and now it looks like he’s covering it up when he was just trying to let the family mourn for a few days. Maggie says she’ll back him up, though.

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The Next Clue

Emma goes home and gets a package. It’s her mom’s old yearbook, but some of the pictures are cut out and her dad’s face is scratched out. On the yearbook, it says, “The truth is where the mask is made.”

Noah’s really spiraling out of control. He’s drinking on the job. Then Emma shows up with the yearbook. The pictures that were cut out are all of Brandon James’ victims. And Emma’s dad was scratched out because he was the sole survivor. 

Noah says that the mask was actually a surgical mask. He wants to go to the abandoned hospital to check it out because of course there’s an abandoned hospital in the equation. But Emma says it could be a trap, so she decides to go to the hospital herself. Audrey says they’ll go together but without Noah.

Will and Jake’s Latest Scheme

Will tells Jake that he got into Duke, but he didn’t get a scholarship so he can’t afford it. Jake has the perfect plan, though. “We can finish what Nina and Tyler started,” he says. He wants to blackmail somebody. Will says they don’t have the video, but Jake has another copy. Just when they get out, they get pulled back in.

Adventures in the Abandoned Hospital

Emma and Audrey go to the old, abandoned hospital and debate going in. Emma says that the killer had plenty of chances to kill her if he wanted to, so they’re basically safe at the creepy hospital. It’s perfect logic; and in they go.

Emma thinks the killer’s a man, but Audrey proves that it could be a woman by using a voice changer app. Then things get creepy when they have to follow a trail of blood, because of course there would be a trail of blood in the abandoned hospital. The trail leads to a picture of the mask. “He’s been here,” Emma says. Of course he has. But they keep going because it’s time to find him once and for all.

They keep going until they find a dead pig’s body. The heart and head are gone, so now we know where Maggie’s heart came from. They turn on the lights and see Brandon James’ X-Rays. They’re in the room where they tried to fix him and it’s the creepiest place on Earth. They also find out that there’s more than one mask.

Someone shows up and Emma and Audrey have to hide, but of course it’s Noah. We all knew he wouldn’t be left out of this. Noah lets us all know that they’re in a “killer’s lair,” but this one is staged. Lairs are just for TV, not real life, and he goes on a whole rant about Pretty Little Liars to prove his point.

They keep going and see that the killer has souvenirs from all of his victims, tons of yearbook pictures and pictures of Emma.

He also happens to have Nina’s laptop, which just so happens to have files with everyone’s names on it, which is very convenient. Emma wants to go to the police, but someone’s coming. They quickly grab the information and make a run for it. As they’re leaving, they see Brandon James’ mask. Emma grabs it and Tyler’s head falls down! Things are getting intense on Scream.

They run, with Audrey filming the whole time. It turns out, the sheriff and Maggie got an anonymous tip that they were there, so they showed up to get the kids. Emma tells them about the yearbook. She says that they weren’t helpful last time and nobody believed her when she said it wasn’t Tyler, so they went to figure this out themselves. But they believe her now and the sheriff says to come to him if the killer makes contact again.

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Brooke Decides to Change

Brooke’s been losing it. She says that everybody hates her now. She goes to talk to her dad because she can’t contact her mom, but her dad says that her mom always avoids things while he has to take care of everything. He says she can talk to him, but he’s clueless.

Later, Brooke’s dad comes and says that her mom sent her a gift. He says that they’re both tough and that makes them survivors, but he stops talking when he gets a text and she storms off. The text, though, says, “It’s not over.” Did she really think it was?

Jake goes to talk to Brooke and is surprisingly nice to her. She’s really upset about the poll, but he comforts her. Then she says that she left Riley alone last night because she wanted what she wanted. She doesn’t want to be that person anymore.

Piper’s Investigation

Emma goes to talk to Piper. She says that she’s leaving, but Emma says that she needs to stick around. There’s still a story out there.

What was on Nina’s Laptop?

It turns out Audrey and Noah still have the files from Nina’s computer. So they go searching through the files to see what they can find. They find a video file. It’s a video of Emma and Will together. Then they accidentally share it with the entire world, which just had to happen. It was Emma’s first time.

Scream airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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