John Nichol, you’re up! Multiple deaths have been occuring on this man’s scummy properties and now it’s time to cross his name off the list. Arrow shows up at his place to take care of this errand for the day, but someone beat him to it. His home is a wreck and clearly this man has been taken moments before Arrow showed up.

Oliver tries to get Felicity to track down suspects. Anyone that could be seeking vengeance from the recent fire or maybe just an angry former tenant of his. Before she can assemble any leads, a video message is sent to everyone with a phone number from the Glades. It’s John Nichols, tied up, bloody and his mouth duct-taped shut. The person filming the video narrates in a low-sounding voice cover to protect his identity. He thinks Mr. Nichols has been making a profit on this poorly maintained properties for too long and deserves to suffer.  Uh oh. Too many vigilantes in the kitchen, guys. Just as Felicity tries to crack his heavily encrypted location, John Nichols is shot in the chest and says hello to the grim reaper on a live feed.

Flashback of the Week

Slade and Oliver negotiate with Fyers to get access to a boat. They meet in person to further their negotiations. FACE OFF. Fyers isn’t going to just do what he’s told. No way. He changes the game by threatening to kill Yao Fei’s daughter if the circuit board is not returned. They escape with his daughter unscathed and return to their spot. But the circuit board is gone. It was all part of the game. Get them away from it, and go in and snag it. Yao’s daughter, Shado,  reveals that, not only can she speak English, but she knows Fyers’ plan. 

Well, share it, girl!

Bad Boy Roy

Roy and Thea are tangled in a senual make out session when an buddy of his drops off a gun. Thea panics, rightly so, and tells him that he can and must straighten up. Roy claims that this isn’t new shady behavior, this is just to clear some old debts. Good luck with that method of justification, Roy.

Searching for Sarah

Dinah and Quentin are working closely ’round the clock to track Sarah’s possible location. Seeing them together, Laurel is disappointed. She tells her father that even though she brought them together and asked him for help, she was really just hoping that he would make her mom realize that Sarah isn’t coming back. Nobody to blame but yourself for this one, girl.

She gets in touch with someone at the Chinese embassy and is able to find her by sending them a picture. It turns out, it’s a girl that just looks like Sarah. Dinah is crushed and storms out.

Back at Laurel’s place, Dinah isn’t going to stop searching for Sarah. The dead end isn’t getting in her way. Laurel asks her about the hat in the photo. How did she know Sarah had the hat with her? Dinah reveals that she saw Sarah the day she left. She knew Sarah was running off with Oliver. She tried to stop her but she knew that Sarah was in love, so she let her go. The guilt from that has made it hard to let her go. 

Video Villain

Okay, now that Nichols is dead, is the game over? Nope. This killer has now captured the District Attorney. In his latest video, he reveals that the DA is his next victim because he let his wife’s killer go free. Felicity tracks his name in the system based on the info about his wife, is able to find his location. Oliver rushes out in the middle of the day without his hood to stop him before he kills again. He reaches the building and searches every single apartment. Felicity realizes that somehow, the killer’s location has moved and continues to move. 

Ten minutes of incredibly bad ass parkour moves and roof jumps later, and Oliver is standing in the killer’s location, an empty lot? Where is this guy hiding?! It doesn’t matter though, because the DA was shot in the chest a minute earlier. 

Felicity feels guilty. She blames herself for not finding the guy in time to save the DA. She mentions the fact that she’s happy she’s not seeing anyone at the moment because how would she tell her significant other about her day at work? And did you notice…..yes. There is definitely a spark between her and Oliver. It might be a dim flicker right now, but it’s there.

Just as Thea goes Roy’s place and tries to tell him that he’s better than his criminal ways, both of them are attacked and Roy is injected in the neck with some kind of sedating drug. He’s taken away in a truck while Thea lays on the ground. Did Roy have an unpaid debt with the killer? Because he shows up in the next video from the killer. 

Felicity and John figure out that the killer has been underground the whole time. He used to work for city transportation and has been bringing his victims down on the old subway line. 

Roy asks to be killed. He sees himself as worthless and doesn’t deserve to live. Just as the killer raises his gun to Roy’s chest, Oliver busts onto the train. The killer tells Oliver that they can save the city together. Two sides of the same coin, eh? Nope. Oliver’s not having that. As the killer turns to shoot Roy, Oliver takes him out and gives him a chance to turn his life around. 


Malcolm is onto the Triad. He calls Moira to let her know that they will be cooperating with him on finding and revealing  the person that tried to kill him. Moira practically falls out of her heels. Does he know that she’s behind all of it? Is he messing with her?

Frank meets Moira in dark and sketchy alley. She tells him that Malcolm knows. She turned him in as the assassin. Malcolm shows up in his archer attire right at that moment to put two arrows through his middle. He dies on the street. Moira is spared for her cooperation. 

Flicker Grows Stronger

Felicity makes a nerdy joke about Thea and Roy and then cowers awkwardly in her space age chair. Oliver sidles up to her and tells her softly that anytime she needs to talk about her day, she can talk to him. The sweet moment is complete when he briefly brushes his hand on her shoulder. 

I like this. I could see this. More please!

The moment is interrupted by the glow of the computer screen. Felicity has pulled up the old subway grid for Oliver to see. The center of the map matches the symbol in Oliver’s book. The center of the map and the key to this whole thing? The Glades. 

Stay tuned for more madness and hopefully a hotter Felicity flame next week!

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