Ugh, man. Run-ins with exes are so awkward, aren’t they? Well Helena is in town, which means The Huntress is on the hunt. Is she ever off duty? Super heroes and vigilantes rarely take vacation days, so probably not. And just when Oliver thought he could relax and enjoy his new club opening/date night with McKenna, he’s got the crazy, vengeful ex to deal with. 

Helena first appears on Oliver’s radar after killing her father’s lawyer in the champagne room of a local strip club. She’s searching for her father, to kill him before he gets placed in the witness protection program and goes off the grid forever. Not only that, she shows up at Oliver’s house asking for his help to get the job done. He’s nervous in her presence and rushes her out the door as quickly as he can. He gets John to set up extra security for Moira and Thea, until he can figure out a way to get rid of her. 

Canary Development

Laurel’s mother returned last time on Arrow to tell her that she believes Sarah to be alive. Laurel gets her father to meet with her and Dinah steps in to explain her theory. She thinks that Sarah could’ve washed up on the shore of one of the surrounding islands, just as Oliver had. When Quentin didn’t believe her and scolded her for making him relive the pain of losing Sarah, she presented a picture. A recent picture, taken by a tourist, of a girl with a strong resemblance to their missing daughter. 

Laurel and Quentin don’t believe Dinah, but Laurel convinces him to at least check out the leads she provided them.

Honesty and Bromance

Tommy is cold and distant after learning Oliver’s secret identity. Will their friendship ever recover? Tommy sees him as a killer and can’t get past the lies. The fact that Oliver saved Malcolm’s life doesn’t seem to matter.

Straight Clubbin’

Opening night for Oliver and Tommy’s new club is a success. It’s packed and hoppin’, but Tommy can’t focus. Laurel can see that he’s distracted, but can’t get to the bottom of it. Thea gets Roy a job at the club, he’s not there for opening night, but is set to start the following day. 

Just as Tommy excuses himself to get away from Laurel’s pressing questions, Helena lures Tommy away from the crowd. She pulls Oliver away as well with a simple note and Oliver finds Tommy in Helena’s twisted grip in the basement. She threatens to hurt him (break his arm or worse) and the rest of the upstairs clubbers if he doesn’t agree to help her locate her dad and kill him. 

Flashback of the Week

Oliver and Wilson pull some of the enemy troops into one location as a planned trap. Oliver wears a mask, dragging Wilson as his prisoner and just as they move in closer, Wilson pops up with his expert shooting skills and takes them all out within seconds. Before blowing up the truck, Oliver takes a computer chip from Fyers in an attempt to use it as leverage to get off the island.

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The Huntress’ Daddy Issues

When you can’t find the safe house of your target, what do you do? Find out what kind of car he’s in traveling to and from the safe house, of course! So, dad will be in a blue van. But, there will be two blue vans and one will be a decoy. The Huntress isn’t concerned. She’ll take out however many blue vans she needs to in order to kill her father.

Taking two different roads on two different badass bikes, Oliver and Helena follow the vans. Oliver busts his van open, only to discover that it’s a decoy. Just as Helena kills the engine on her van, the cops bust out if and reveal the trap that has been set for her. Detective Lance and McKenna arrest her and throw her in the back of the cop car. During her interrogation, they press her on the true identity of the Hood.

“Oliver Queen……you’re dating him now right?” Helena says to McKenna. 

She talks all about how their relationship won’t work because of Oliver’s “special skill” and how he uses people. They ignore this as if it’s ex-girlfriend babble and continue to ask who the Hood really is. 

Guys? Really? You aren’t putting the pieces together here?

Before Helena can reveal the name (again), Oliver sets off the alarms in the station as diversion and busts her out. And before the sexual tension hears up too much between the two of them, he hands her an envelope with money, plane tickets and a fresh new life to start, somewhere else. 

Roy and Thea

Thea and Roy are still in the middle of a rich girl/poor boy dance when she gets the cold shoulder after questioning him on why he didn’t take the job at the club that she arranged for him. As she’s leaving his alley pad, she gets approached by some creepy predators and Roy appears immediately in a parkour-style battle, taking both guys down. Not before he gets a knife wound to the side though. While in the hospital, the street boy gets needle-phobia and Thea distracts him with a kiss.

Not So Fast

Oliver thinks Helena actually leaves Starling on his request, but not just yet. Just as he settles in with McKenna at her apartment, Felicity calls Oliver to alert him to a recent break in at a local sporting goods store. The only item stolen? A high powered crossbow. Hmm…..

Guess who! 

Helena ties Felicity up after forcing her to hack into the FBI database to get the address of the safe house. Oliver meets her there, shortly after she takes out every guard on duty. It comes down to Arrow vs. Huntress. He summons the courage and fires an arrow straight for her throat. She anticipates this and catches the arrow in mid air. DANG. Those are some serious reflexes. McKenna shows up after he gets her cornered and threatens to shoot him. He lowers his weapon just as Helena grabs a gun and shoots McKenna in the leg. 

When Oliver visits her in the hospital, she tells him that she has decided to seek rehab in Coast City, and when he offers to come visit, she shuts him down with a heartbreaking goodbye. Will this be the end for them?

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