Do you have any guilty pleasure songs? The members of New Directions do, and this week they’ll be performing those songs they secretly love — except, it’ll no long be a secret. Heading into tonight’s episode, FOX has released two clips from “Guilty Pleasures,” which include a Blam performance and another guest on Fondue for Two.

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Based on the previews (and speaking of secrets), it looks like something’s going on between Blaine and Sam. Will Blaine reveal a very personal and potentially embarrassing admission to Sam? We’ll have to wait for tonight to find out, but the two come together to perform the Wham! classic “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” And there’s plenty of cheesiness to go around during this number, complete with a few old-school transition effects between shots.

The guilty pleasure theme doesn’t pertain to just the songs, as Brittany is joined by Kitty on the latest episode of Fondue for Two. And the exchange between these two is hilarious. Brittany says everyone at school hates Kitty, but the “girl with the weird lizard ears” replies with, “And yet everyone keeps telling me their secrets, so I must be doing something right.” What are their guilty pleasures? Here’s a hint: one of them likes to fart around old people. Who is it, and why do they do that? Check out the video below:

What do you think of the Wham! performance? Do you agree that it’s overflowing with cheese? And what are your favorite one-liners or guilty pleasures from Fondue for Two?

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