When a documentarian visits Brennan and the gang in “The Blood from the Stones” to shoot a film as they work through the latest case in order to raise money for the Jeffersonian, it brings out everyone’s slightly ridiculous side. And although I’m never as excited about the case as I am with the side storylines in an episode, this Bones episode really brought it.

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Lights, Camera…

With his big grin, and I’m sure nice facial features, Clark is chosen to work alongside Brennan in the case. But really, it’s kind of to rile her up so there’s some action in the film — I guess a dead body is not enough. This immediately rubs Brennan the wrong way since his specialty is historical anthropology, and she’s the leader of the lab.

Hodgins is then a little offended because he believes he’s the “king of the lab” and therefore should be getting ample camera time. (In the moment he utters the words, I imagine him yelling it out Titanic-style to everyone who works there.)

What does this all mean? Hodgins tries to appear more charming, which actually turns out to be a little creepy. Brennan tries to overcompensate, making the situation worse. She doesn’t understand that the viewers won’t understand all the science jargon. So Clark’s pretty much the normal one.

Undercover Work Gone Bad

When an undercover cop is found dead, the immediate suspect is the commander. The deceased officer’s wife says the commander made empty promises to get her husband out of doing undercover work, and it was the superior officer who got raises for the hard work someone else had done.

The commander, although he seems highly suspicious, is ruled out because you never go with the most obvious — right?

The other two suspects are college students who have been stealing all the cash from the ATMs in the city. On the night of the death, the two were going to make an exchange with the officer for diamonds, diamonds which were apparently stolen from the jewelry shop where the undercover officer worked as a way to catch these thieves.

Well, things went badly since the officer wound up dead.

Keeping You Guessing

A stray foot leads the FBI to the girl, and this part is pretty disgusting. The officer had blasted the female robber’s foot off with a shotgun!

In the end, when her partner-in-crime is tracked down and brought into custody, he admits to the ATM-robbing but not the cop-killing. They’re just thieves — and it’s pretty believable. The commander, meanwhile, continues to be questioned, since he broke the ATM-robbing guy’s nose, and we all hear his order to keep quiet!

But again, the one who’s highly suspicious is not. So then who is it? Perhaps the person who brought him up as a suspect in the first place to deflect attention — the wife, who was simply not interested in her husband anymore because of his long hours and such.

So the way it ends, I don’t care so much about but that slim chance the commander was the bad guy. 


No Rush Into Marriage

The episode captures a nice but awkward moment between Brennan and Booth, as they have to admit the status of their relationship — to a complete stranger, no less, in the jewelry dealer.

So it’s like this: Brennan and Booth have a baby together, and they live together. But they’re neither married nor engaged. If they ever were to marry (which is more likely than not), it is Brennan who will do the proposing.

It’s nice to get this refresher, although I doubt anyone in the Bones fandom seriously was wondering where they stood. Let me know if I’m wrong.

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Esther Gim

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