It’s always weird when you’re watching a show that you know is going to end prematurely. FOX has cut the episode order of Minority Report down to 10 episodes, and given the ratings, it doesn’t look to be long for this world. So as we go into episode six of the show, it’s difficult not to watch the episode with one eye on trying to figure out how many of the show’s mysteries are going to be revealed by the end of episode 10. Is Vega really going to help send the precogs back to the milk baths? What dark plan is Agatha pursuing in an effort to save them? Is Blake a creep or just bad with people? This should be an interesting few episodes.

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It’s Time for Agatha’s Backstory

Toddler’s Neck is the small, secluded area where Agatha lives now. It’s also the place where she, Dash and Arthur were sent to after they were released. This episode, “Fiddler’s Neck,” begins back in 2054, when Agatha was new to the island. She meets a farmer named Brian and eventually falls in love with him. Back in the present, Agatha has a vision in which she sees Brian’s daughter being murdered. She convinces Arthur and Dash to return to the island to help her stop the murder. But she didn’t count on Vega coming along. So how did the leading precog psychic on Minority Report not see this coming?

Vega Starts Her Own Investigation

Vega decides to interrogate the only “witness” she has to the upcoming murder: Agatha. They’re able to determine that Brian’s daughter, Katie, is probably poisoned. Agatha is convinced that Katie’s mother, Gaby, is Innocent. But she’s not as sure about Brian, and Vega realizes he and Agatha had a relationship. She forces Agatha to tell Arthur and Dash, which surprises them both. They decide to start their investigation by speaking with the family.

Those Darn Environmentalists

They speak with the family, and Agatha approaches Brian. He seems in no mood to speak with her and it’s clear things didn’t end well between them. The precogs and Vega spot Katie, who is coughing. Gabby tells them that an herbalist is treating Katie, and when Dash talks to the herbalist, he learns that the girl has malaria. But because Gabby believes in natural cures, Katie has been given the malaria vaccine.

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Speaking of Future Plot Twists

Back at headquarters, Akeela approaches Blake and tells him someone tried to hack into the Hawk Eye server. She wasn’t able to identify the hacker, but she did discover that the hacker was trying to get info on Blake. Blake tells her he’s in line for a DIA job and it’s likely that they are behind it.

Pamela isn’t convinced and she persuades Wally to help her learn the truth. He discovers that the DIA is behind the hack, but they’re really trying to determine why Blake’s squad has such a high clearance rate, which is a problem; Dash is the secret reason behind their success. Yep, I’m betting this is where Minority Report is headed next.

Even in Paradise You’ll Find Crime

Arthur runs into some old island friends, who turn out to be running the local unofficial law enforcement agency. They also turn out to be the local mobsters, who are running an illicit tobacco-growing operation. They’ve been pressuring local farmers to grow tobacco, and Arthur realizes they’ve targeted Brian. Dash and Arthur rush to his farm to help, especially since Agatha and Vega are already there.

Agatha tells Brian that she left him because she saw his happy future with Gabby and Katie. Speaking of Katie, Dash and Arthur arrive at the farm and realize the bad guys have poisoned the family water well. They keep Katie from taking a drink, save her life and ultimately defeat the bad guys. With the family safe, Arthur, Vega and Dash prepare to return to the city. Agatha says goodbye to all of them and tells Vega that when they meet next, they will know whether Agatha’s troubling vision about being sent back to the milk baths is true or not.

Minority Report airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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