Moira’s trial comes to a surprising end, but that isn’t the biggest shocker of Arrow “State v. Queen.” Thea and Oliver both told Moira that their love and family could overcome any secrets … is that actually true? The Queen family is about to find out just how strong of a bond they have.

Count Vertigo Returns

When the device destroyed the Glades, the Dollmaker escaped from prison, but he wasn’t the only one. The Count got out as well and actually he was the one that helped the Dollmaker escape. 

During the months away, the Count regrouped and formed a plan to get residents hooked on Vertigo without them actually knowing they were using it. Diggle was given Vertigo and became sick when the dose wore off.

Unbeknownst to Oliver, the Count’s plan was draw out the Arrow. DA Adam Donner was infected and got sick during Moira’s trial. The Count took him into custody to make a grand show of his plan to the city.

Felicity’s a Pawn

Felicity and Diggle figured out the Count used flu vaccine trucks to administer the Vertigo and she went to get proof. The Count used her to get Oliver to come to her rescue.

The Count knew that Oliver and the Arrow are the same person. (Is there anyone who doesn’t know or at least suspect?) He was funded by someone with money and power specifically for the purpose of drawing out Oliver. Initially the plan worked, but the Count ultimately failed. 

Arrow put aside his new no-killing mantra and shot multiple arrows into the Count’s chest in order to save Felicity. Can you blame the guy? In that situation non-lethal force wasn’t possible and Oliver did what he had to do. That doesn’t mean he’s off mission or that he’s a bad guy. He was facing off against a villain. Oliver let him live once and this time he did what he had to do.

Even Felicity understood that and she’s the one who has pushed Oliver to change. The moment after Felicity was saved was so touching and heartfelt. Oliver deeply cares for Felicity. They shouldn’t get together now, but he’s never looked at anyone else like that. Not Shado, not Sara, and definitely not Laurel. There’s definitely something to Olicity!

Moira’s Trial

The trial wasn’t going Moira’s way at all. Donner was able to turn Thea’s testimony to work against her mother. And, that meant that Moira’s only hope was to testify on her own behalf. That had risks though.

When Donner became sick, Laurel took over the case. She broke the rules to inform Moira of the bombshell that Donner had to use against her. And, now Laurel was going to have to use it — Moira had an affair with Malcolm.

I’m not sure how a short affair definitely meant that she didn’t fear for her or her family members’ lives though. Malcolm did kill her husband which almost led to Oliver’s death and he kidnapped Walter.

When Moira told Oliver and Thea about the secret that was going to come out, I thought at that time it was implied that Thea was Malcolm’s daughter. That’s the reason it made sense that Moira didn’t need to fear Malcolm. That wasn’t what happened … though it ended up being true.

Despite the evidence against her, Moira was acquitted. She was free to go home and be with her family.


Okay, I wasn’t really shocked by either of the final two reveals. Since this summer, it was pretty clear that Malcolm didn’t die on the roof. The mystery was when would Malcolm return, not if he would return.

It made sense that he would help clear Moira. It was his fault that she was on trial in the first place. He was responsible for the devices not her. The reveal that he cares for her only added to the reasons he would help her.

And, since I thought Thea was his daughter in the earlier scene that also wasn’t a surprise. Though, as a whole, the secrets came out in a compelling way. They will rock the Queen family if Oliver and/or Thea find out.


What is Blood’s plan? He has these super-humans that he’s created, but it’s still unclear what he plans to do with them. Since the Count knew that Oliver was Arrow, does that mean the man behind the Count’s plan knows too?

He has to know, right? The plan was specifically put into action to draw out Oliver/Arrow. The Count was killed before he could give up the reason why. That will have to wait until another day.

With Malcolm back in town, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to whatever Blood is doing. Is it possible that the Dark Archer and Arrow could work together to bring down an enemy of the city? That would be quite intriguing.

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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