On the last episode of Bones, we saw Brennan feud with another novelist, and Hodgins birthed his baby bot fly. Oh, and of course, the team solved a murder mystery.

In this episode of Bones, called “The Fury in the Jury,” Brennan performs her civic duty and serves as a juror. Now that is one jury room I would love to be in!

Brennan on the Jury

The “squinterns” are hard at work at the Jeffersonian with Angela while watching television coverage of the murder trial of Peter Kidman. Bones is on the jury, so Angela is certain she wouldn’t mind. Kidman, a former soccer star, is accused of murdering his wife.

Alison Kidman, the defendant’s sister, testifies on the stand that he loved his wife, Charlene, and that he would never hurt her. Although Kidman was found covered in the victim’s blood, his sister explains away that fact by saying that he was cradling his wife’s body.

Another New Body

Brennan wants to chill out after a tough day at the court house, so she decides to check in at the Jeffersonian. She also wants to keep an eye on Daisy, as well.

They have just received a new body that was found in water.  Pieces of the victim’s facial bones and jaw are missing, so a facial reconstruction won’t be possible. The body belongs to a male in his mid-30s. There is significant trauma to the front of the skull, and Brennan finds evidence of a gunshot wound.

You Have Been Sequestered

Brennan receives a call from the court house that the judge needs to meet with all the jurors. As speculation runs rampant in the jury box, a minister states that God will protect them, and Bones remarks that they have “just as much chance of Apollo or Santa protecting us.” Hilarious!

Judge Cohen wastes no time breaking the news that the jury is being sequestered until they reach a verdict. When one of the jurors asks what has happened, Brennan methodically explains the possibilities. Judge Cohen is not amused!

Hodgins and Angela see news coverage that speculates that Christopher Barnes, who was going to testify for the defense, may be jumping ship to help the prosecution. Daisy discovers another gunshot wound, but the victim was actually still alive when he was put in the water.

Closing Arguments

Meanwhile, back at court, the summation continues. The prosecution states that Charlene Kidman wanted to leave her husband, but was too afraid to ask for a divorce. They also say that the defendant threatened he would kill himself, and his wife, if she ever tried to leave him. The defense recounts that the victim was happy and willing to give her marriage another try, and that she was killed by a burglar who then left the scene with the knife used in the crime.

Brennan also responds to the defense attorney when he tells the jurors that his client’s threat against his wife is something that everyone has said at one time.

In the deliberation room, poor Brennan is not given the job of foreperson. All the jurors agree that Kidman killed his wife. Brennan agrees that he did, but she believes there is reasonable doubt. I am sure the other jurors are just thrilled right about now!

Who is the Victim?

Sweets and Booth interview a fisherman who was found dropping a package of drugs at the beach where the victim was discovered. He cops to delivering the drugs, but maintains that he didn’t kill anyone. Daisy finds a marking on the victim from a bone graft, which will help identify the victim.

Cam gets the results back from tracing the bone graft, and the victim is Christopher Barnes. This of course explains why he never showed up to testify at the trial. Angela thinks that Kidman killed Barnes because Barnes was going to testify that his friend admitted that he killed his wife. The jury, unaware of Barnes’ death, also ponders why he never testified, but Brennan tells them that it is not relevant to the case.

Booth and Sweets have Kidman brought in for questioning, along with his attorney, Zand. Kidman is a real charmer, and belittles Sweets. Kidman also reveals that Barnes would take his side, and Sweets notices that Kidman didn’t call himself innocent. The defendant also explains how he and his friend were in a motorcycle accident, and that he saved Barnes’ life. Zand adds that his client has been home all night during the time of his friend’s murder, and states that photographers have been watching the house.

The Verdict is in…

The next day, the jury finds Kidman not guilty. Brennan tells Booth that she wanted to convict Kidman but that there wasn’t enough evidence. She is stunned to find out that Barnes was murdered, and feels guilty that the jury would have convicted if she hadn’t been there.

Identity Crises

Cam is still dealing with her identify theft nightmare, and has to receive her paycheck (or what little bit they allow) from a court-appointed accountant. Yikes! Angela has been working hard trying to get justice for Cam, and finds out that Cam’s identity thief went to museums that Cam wanted to go to, and bought the same type of fashion.

Barnes was supposed to meet with a woman called “Kinky Kelly” for anonymous sex. Hodgins finds the fresh-water pond where Barnes drowned, along with a blood-covered rock and a gemstone. Angela traces the IP address to a public library, where they see Kidman’s sister on the security footage. Hello, Kinky Kelly!

Sweets and Booth interrogate Alison and the ever-present Attorney Zand, who tells her not to say anything when Booth places her under arrest. She is crying, and it seems that Sweets is getting through to her.

A Kick to the Gut

Daisy and Bones discover some hairline fractures on Barne’s spinal column that mirror the same style of kick that Kidman was known for. Cam also finds Barnes’s blood on the bottom of Alison’s shoe. Brennan theorizes that Alison called her brother when she isn’t able to kill Barnes, and that Kidman beat him and then drowned him. Kidman supposedly never leaves his house, but Finizio, Kidman’s body guard does.

And the Killer Is…

Brennan is able to tell from the raw video that Kidman actually leaves the house, not Finizio, because of Kidman’s unusual gait. Finizio also wore a brooch with the same type of gem stone that was found by the pond. Booth gets Kidman to admit to taking a stroll in his body guard’s jacket.

Angela finds video footage of the person who stole Cam’s identity, and Cam knows her–it is her college room-mate Haley Kent. Booth and Brennan celebrate what an amazing team they make over dessert.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode of Bones, and I thought the premise of Brennan on a jury was amazing!

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