Things are changing quickly on Arrow. If nothing else, someone now knows Oliver Queen’s secret identity. Will that affect how the Arrow acts? Will others find out soon?

It’s possible. It’s even probably judging from the Arrow videos and spoilers contained in this article.

WARNING: Arrow spoiler are a major feature of this article, as evidenced by the title. But in case you needed more warning, here you go. There are spoilers. Beware.

A Couple of Promos

The next Arrow episode, “An Innocent Man,” will air on Wednesday, October 31. We can expect to see a new side of the Arrow at that point. These two promo videos — each with slightly different footage — make that clear.

  • That looks like John Barrowman in the car with Moira!
  • Has the Arrow gone after a non-rich (but still evil) person? That does make sense.
  • Ah, the central theme of **Arrow — it’s both criminal behavior and justice!
  • So Diggle thinks that Oliver is insane? He’s probably not wrong, although Oliver is probably not crazy in quite the way his bodyguard thinks.
  • Does someone else have the same list that Oliver has?

Now That Diggle Knows…

Superheroes usually need someone in on the secret in order to function. For the Arrow, that someone seems to be John Diggle — for now anyway. How will Diggle’s knowledge affect what the Arrow does? If you believe the show’s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim (and you should, since it’s his show), the effect is major. Guggenheim made the following statement to reporters on the matter:

“Oliver is forced to start to see his own actions through other people’s eyes… And you’ll start to see very early on how [Diggle] starts to effect a change on Oliver, and that has ripple effects throughout the series.”

Could anyone else find out? It’s possible that someone at least is getting a peek at Oliver’s secret identity. According to TVLine, someone may just see Oliver putting on the Arrow costume in the upcoming episode 4.

Who could that be?

The next episode of Arrow, “An Innocent Man,” airs on Wednesday, October 31 at 8pm on The CW.

(Images and videos courtesy of The CW)

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