In one of the more anticipated episodes of Castle season 5, the detectives attend a Comic-Con-like science fiction convention. And of course they solve a murder there. What Castle spoilers can we expect from this Jonathan Frakes-directed episode?

WARNING: As the title and introduction suggest, there are Castle season 5 spoilers in this article. So don’t get mad if you find them!

What Happens?

The convention in the episode is the fictional “SuperNovaCon,” according to Zap2It. The victim, a young woman, will be working on an exhibit called the “Nebula-9 Fan Experience” when the murderer strikes.

What is the Nebula-9 Fan Experience? I’m honestly not sure. It obviously has something to do with a fictional science-fiction show called Nebula-9. Based on photos from the episode, this may be a bit of a Star Trek rip-off. They have the same kind of uniforms anyway.

But the Fan Experience looks awfully cool in the photos from the episode — check them out at the bottom of this article.

Who Will Attend the Convention?

There are, of course, a whole bunch of guest stars in this particular Castle episode. That’s what you would expect for a Comic-Con theme, right?

Jonathan Frakes, famous for Star Trek: The Next Generation and the director “The Final Frontier,” appears at least briefly as a Richard Castle fan. Ed Quinn (Eureka) will also be in the episode.

TVLine reports that another guest star, Chris McKenna, will appear in the episode as a super fan named Simon Westport. He is there for Nebula-9, the fictional science-fiction show, and may have been a romantic interested of the murder victim.

Why is this especially cool casting? Like Castle star Nathan Fillion, Chris McKenna once played a character on One Life to Live — Joey Buchanan. In case anyone missed the connection, McKenna tweeted a photo of himself and Fillion with the caption, “Just a couple of Joeys at work.”

This Castle episode, “The Final Frontier,” will air on Monday, November 5 at 10pm on ABC.

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