Castle heads to the Hamptons this week in “Murder He Wrote.” Castle and Beckett move their relationship to the next level — a weekend alone for romantic bliss at his Hamptons hideaway. Of course, it turns into a Jessica Fletcher weekend instead when a dying man stumbles into Castle’s gorgeous pool.

Knotted Up Frame Job

As with all Castle cases there were suspects galore, but this investigation was more about following the clues to the killer than crazy twists and turns. It wasn’t the jilted girlfriend, the wife, the mob boss neighbor, the screwed-over former business associate, or even the framed head of the marina. It was Deputy Jones.

The victim turned from his days of financial crimes to real estate it appeared. Though, it wasn’t the property that was profitable, rather the meth being made in them. And, it was the meth the killed him. Jones had been running meth on the side and Franklin took that business from him.

Between the new meth trade and Jones’ hatred of the weekenders, he killed Franklin. He would have been in the clear except for his horrible marine knots. Castle uncovered the frame job from that one simple mistake. 

The Case of Beckett’s Mysterious Boyfriend

With Kate off on a romantic weekend and no murder case to work, Ryan and Esposito were determined to find out the identity of Kate’s mysterious boyfriend. Their first guess was that she reconnected with an old flame.

Kate sure had quite a few boyfriends while she’s been in love with Castle. They may have lost her, but they moved on to do fascinating things with their lives and careers.

The best part was when they were talking to Castle about Beckett with her right there. Oops. I figured that everyone at the police department already knew and just kept quiet out of respect, but I was way off.

Neither of them even suspected that Castle and Beckett were off together. What kind of detectives are they? Castle couldn’t have been more obvious. Though, I guess it’s easy to not see something if it’s existence isn’t in the realm of possibility.

Ryan’s face when he figured it out during the interrogation was the perfect mix of anger and disbelief. Loved it. Though, I’m surprised he didn’t let Esposito in on the secret. Will Ryan keep it to himself? Or, will he force Castle and Beckett into revealing the truth?

When they return to work, it’s going to be interesting!


I adore the relationship that Castle and Beckett have developed all these years. It was refreshing to see how easily they could just be with each other. Even when Beckett felt uncomfortable with Castle’s tour of the house, she didn’t hide it. She just came out and said what was on her mind. And, Castle had the perfect response, “But, none of them were you.” Aww!

I’m not much of a shipper and don’t use the shipper names often, but the whole Brangelina conversation ending in “We are Caskett.” was a nice tribute to the fans.Castle is famous, so you never know when the two of them will end up in the tabloids. At least they have their couple name figured out.

Castle and Beckett better enjoy their escape to the Hamptons, because when they get back, they will have to answer to Ryan. Or, at least, they will think they do. I’d love to see Ryan just pretend he never found out. That would drive the couple crazy and be fun to watch.

Were you surprised that Ryan was the first to figure it out? What do you think he will do with the information?

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