You remember how, until a couple of weeks ago, Community season 4 was supposed to premiere on Friday, October 19? 

Well, the people at Community remembered. And they have the video to prove it. Check out this rather insane and hilarious edition of “Troy and Abed in the Morning” to enjoy the October 19-ness of it all for yourself.

While the entire video is standard Community hilarity from start to finish, there is one aspect of this that is especially unbelievable — NBC officially endorsed this thing. It’s amazing what they let a (mostly unwatched) show get away with.

Enjoy this celebration of the October 19 state of mind here:

What are some of the highlights of this Community video?

(Highlights dedicated to those of you who do not like to actually watch videos and therefore need the textual description and to the developers at Google who will not link to this page unless I have a certain number of words written.)

  • Do they actually do “Troy and Abed in the Morning” in the morning? I never really thought that would be important to them.
  • “It’s just the two of you pretending to have a show!” “Sometimes it feels that way…”
  • “I’m a flash mob!”
  • You know, when you think about it, October 19 truly is an arbitrary designation for a specific solar cycle that recurs in the Earth’s annual trip around the Sun. It could be in the spring, if that were what we decided.
  • “That would be logical, Britta. But wrong.”
  • “October 19 isn’t just a date. It’s a state of mind!”
  • When is October 19? By network logic, it’s when a kitten tries to crawl into a cardboard box on YouTube, when strangers shake hands and call each other “Brother,” and when we reach July 4.
  • “While this move seems illogical, just trust us: The minds behind this shift know exactly what they’re doing.” “Guys! Annie’s Boobs wanted her own show, and I said yes!” Yeah, that turned out great

We hope this video put you, the Community fan, in an October 19 state of mind. Community will return with new episodes for season 4 on October 19.

(Images and video courtesy of NBC)

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