The CW’s new superhero drama, Arrow, is the best new show airing on television this fall. Honestly, that’s all the review you should need.

But I can’t get away with that, so here is a summary of the reasons why Arrow is an absolutely incredible bit of television.

Adapted from the comic-book character, the Green Arrow, Arrow tells the story of Oliver Queen. This rich boy-turned-vigilante returns home after five years stranded on a remote and harsh island. Everyone thought he had died. And in a way, he did — party-boy Oliver has morphed into the rough and driven Arrow, a man with a vendetta against those who would destroy his home of Starling City.

Why is this story worth your time?

The Cast

No show has ever worked without great characters portrayed by a talented cast. Arrow is not an exception. Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen/Arrow, and his balance of charm and brooding menace is perfect. Very perfect — we’re talking lock-up-your-daughters levels of perfection here.

The supporting cast is just as good. Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is appropriately idealistic. Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) is a sarcastic jerk who somehow remains lovable. The rest of the Queen family — eager-but-troubled baby sister Thea (Willa Holland) and coldly sinister mother, Moira (Susanna Thompson) — help explain who Oliver is while still coming alive in their own right.

The only possible complaint I could have about the characters is not getting to see enough of them in the Arrow premiere. But that’s what the rest of the series is for, I guess.

What does the Arrow cast have to say about their show? Find out here!

The Action

Arrow is based on a comic-book character. Its principal character is a violent vigilante. Obviously, there has to be action.

If fight scenes are what you like, this may be one of the better shows on television. The premiere episode alone boasts at least three full action sequences in which The Arrow kicks serious butt. There are parkour-style leaps up and down the sides of rocks and buildings. Thugs suffer beatings. Arrows fly with frightening precision.

The stunt and fight coordinators have earned their money with this one.

The Mysteries

While the action of Arrow is top-notch, the mysteries underlying the story are the real driving force of the show. Each character is hiding something, and their secrets have to stay hidden — sometimes even from the audience.

That’s as it should be. Small mysteries lead the Arrow premiere deftly from beginning to end, while larger mysteries — What happened to Oliver on that island? Who is behind the corruption of the city? — look set to last all season.

The Abs

Fine, I’m shallow.

When my shallowness lets me revel in the beauty of Arrow, I don’t care. If you’ve seen any of the promos — or any of the billboards — you will know that star Stephen Amell is a fine specimen of a man.

This isn’t to say that the rest of the cast is unattractive. They’re gorgeous too. I’m actually a little concerned that I might develop a crush on Tommy Merlyn… But this is The CW. That’s what I’m supposed to do.

Thus, yet again, Arrow is perfect.

Arrow premieres on Wednesday, October 10 at 8pm on The CW. Watch it.

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