Parenthood has done a much better job this season so far with balancing the stories and numerous characters in the limited time they have each week. “The Talk” was perfect example of that balance.

Sarah, Hank, and his daughter

I have mixed feelings about the introduction of Hank to Sarah’s life. While it feels authentic in regards to Sarah needing a job and Hank needing someone like Sarah to help him, he also comes across as a road block for Sarah and Mark.

Hank has difficulty connecting with people in general and that includes his own daughter. Sarah is outgoing and is able to intuitively understand what Hank needs and provided him a connection to others. That’s something that can’t be taught, so she is a good fit as his assistant. He can teach her the business.

It was heartening to see how Sarah was able to bridge the gap between Hank and his daughter, despite being Team Gale. I just hope it doesn’t come at the expense of Sarah’s relationship with Mark. They are so good together.

“The Talk”

Wow. I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for Crosby to explain what those words mean and the intent behind them. He was put on the spot and given the circumstances he did the best that he could.

Jasmine does have a perspective on the situation that Crosby can never truly understand. Their decision to have Jasmine lead the discussion with Jabbar with Crosby there made sense. It was a touching talk and one that was necessary for them to have with Jabbar.

Crosby and Jasmine have grown to be as strong a couple and parents as the other Braverman parents. Their differences still exist, but they have learned to communicate with each other. The moment when they were in the hallway outside Jabbar’s bedroom was one of my favorite of the episode. 

Victor, Baseball and his Father

As time passes, Joel and Julia are solidifying their roles as Victor’s parents. As the other baseball fathers mentioned, their sons also spent too much time playing video games. As a parent, it’s important to expose your kids to different activities and especially ones that get the muscles moving, like sports.

Victor’s frustration was normal, as was his lashing out at Joel. But, Joel was the strong father figure that Victor needs. He didn’t focus on the “you’re not my father” comment, but on Victor’s lashing out at the sport. This built trust between them and Victor responded by asking Joel to play ball. 

Zeek’s Volunteerism

Just as Victor pushed back at being forced to play a sport, Zeek less than half-heartedly went to volunteer at the local Veteran’s community center. His bad coffee led him to meet a veteran that was searching for a job. Their meeting showed Zeek that he has something to offer others. That’s just what he needs right now. I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows.

Max Runs for President

Kristina’s fight against cancer is going to permeate that family’s decisions. There is no way to avoid that, but at the same time Kristina was right limit the hurt it causes Max. While they were worried about the harm the election would cause his progress, ultimately it would be more harmful to prevent him from running.

Max’s comment about Bob Litt losing his election was a nice callback. I always wondered what happened to Bob. Throughout Kristina’s treatment, Max’s election will hopefully be an outlet for her to focus on something else.

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