The Winchesters have battled many Big Bads on Supernatural. There was Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon who opened the Devil’s Gate. There was Lilith, the creepy little girl who opened the 66 Seals. There was Lucifer, who tried to bring about the apocalypse. And they’ve also battled archangels, Crowley, Cas, the Mother of All and plenty of others.

But now, in season 7, Sam and Dean have to contend with the Leviathans, primitive beasts who predate both men and angels. After just two episodes, I’m ready to declare them the most terrifying and formidable adversaries Supernatural has ever seen.

What makes the Leviathans so scary? Here are my top five reasons for why they’re the greatest foes yet.

They’re Organized

In the past, the villains on Supernatural have had a few henchmen (Meg, Ruby, the Horsemen), but the Leviathans number in the hundreds (possibly thousands, based on all the black squiggles that escaped from Castiel’s vessel under the lake). They also have a clear hierarchy. In the second episode of the season we saw that Edgar the demolitions expert and Annie the little girl (who then became a surgeon) seemed to be in control, but they both reported to a “boss.” That organizational system is a huge benefit in terms of planning an attack.

They Can Be Anyone

Thus far the Leviathans have taken over the bodies of a demolitions expert, a surgeon and a hospital administrator. Since they’re in the water, they can take over the body of anyone they want. Anybody can be a Leviathan, which makes them omnipresent.

They Are Unknown

There’s always been plenty of lore and mythology for the brothers to fall back on when facing an enemy. But the Leviathans are different. The existed before men and angels, which means they’re older than anything the Winchesters have ever faced. That’s going to make it harder to find out how to defeat them.

They Know the Winchesters

The Leviathans not only take over the bodies of people, but they also gain access to their knowledge. Since every Leviathan first came into this world through Castiel, it stands to reason that they know what he knew, which is everything about Sam, Dean and Bobby. A key part of warfare is to know thy enemy, and the Leviathans know Sam and Dean very well.

They Don’t Seem to Have Some Grand Scheme

To a certain extent, Sam and Dean were never in real danger because they were important. Azazel and Lilith needed Sam and Dean for their grand schemes while Lucifer and Michael needed them as their vessels. The villains on Supernatural have always needed the Winchesters to fulfill their destinies. But the same cannot be said for the Leviathans. They came into this world with no apparent mission other than destruction. “Hello, Cruel World” ended with Edgar the Leviathan announcing that Sam and Dean were “competent enough to warrant annihilating.”  The Leviathans don’t need the Winchesters for any reason, and they’re smart enough to know that they need to get rid of them. That’s bad news for Sam and Dean, but it’s also what makes the Leviathans so dangerous.

What do you think of the Leviathans? Are they the best Supernatural villains ever, or does someone else top them?

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