The team is reunited and on the trail of some nasty serial killers again this season on Criminal Minds. But more complicated than tracking down their nasty targets might be the emotional fallout from Prentiss’ (Paget Brewster) staged death. The show’s seventh season promises to roll up its sleeves and really explore the outside lives and connections between our favorite crime fighters. What does this mean for the BAU team? It looks like there might be some bumpy times ahead.

Beware, Criminal Minds spoilers ahead! This is your last chance to turn back!

An Ex Comes Back Into the Picture

Agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) has been married a grand total of three times. It’s something the character has often joked about, particularly to old friend Hotch (Thomas Gibson). Now it looks like Rossi’s romantic past will become his present this season when one of his ex-wives turns up for a visit.

The first of Rossi’s three leading ladies will pop up in a two episode arc this season. She’ll be played by the lovely Isabella Hofmann from Homicide Life on the Street. Why the sudden reappearance? It looks like Rossi’s starter wife finds herself in a bit of trouble. Who better to turn to than an ex-husband in the FBI?

How will Rossi react to seeing his old flame again? Executive Producer Erica Messer told TVLine that the two had a passionate past.

“We’ll meet her in episode 5,” Messer said. “She’s the love of his life.”

Will we see sparks flying again this season? If we believe these Criminal Minds spoilers, then yeah! And what will the rest of the BAU think about Rossi’s former paramour?

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Getting Personal

Criminal Minds fans love it when the show delves into the personal lives of our favorite heroes. After seven seasons of putting the professional before the personal, this year the show will be exploring the team’s personal lives. The newest batch of Criminal Minds spoilers indicate that this season is going to get a lot more up close and personal for our favorite profilers.

While Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and JJ (AJ Cook) began to work out their issues this week about the Prentiss cover-up, don’t expect that issue to be at rest already. The team will have a lot of trust issues to work through this season, especially between Hotch and Morgan (Shemar Moore).

“I think the theme of broken trust within a family will have a chance to play in various ways and various times this season,” Thomas Gibson said.

Speaking of family, we’ll also get a glimpse of JJ’s hubby and baby again this season. Josh Stewart will reprise the role of William LaMontagne, the former New Orleans detective who swept JJ off her feet. It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in on Will, JJ and baby Henry. How are they now?

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“We’re going to see her baby’s daddy and her baby again, which my actual real-life son will be playing,” said actress AJ Cook. “It’ll be fun. We’re definitely going to see into her personal life and what’s been happening there.”

Overall, new executive producer Erica Messer has stressed that this season will put a renewed focus on the lives of our favorite BAU members and their struggles. With the fallout of Prentiss’ faked death still weighing heavily on the team, there will certainly be a lot of inter-team issues to be worked out this year. Hopefully they can all be worked out as delightfully as they were in the latest episode, over a Rossi-lead cooking class.

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“I want to study our heroes, too. This season, we’ve earned that. It’s seven years, so I think it’s time we get to do that,” Messer told TVLine.

What do you think of these Criminal Minds spoilers? Are you excited to meet Rossi’s ex-wife? Which BAU team member’s personal life are you most excited to learn more about? Sound off in the comments!

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