The future isn’t looking good for Flash Forward, particularly its scheduling plans.  According to Zap2it, the sci-fi drama will once again be moving about in order to accommodate yet another awaited series – American Idol.

ABC has announced that the show, with its cast led by Joseph Fiennes, will be back on air when March rolls around.  The month is still intact, but the problem is the day. Instead of the original plan of having March 4 as its return date, it will now be March 18.  Uh-oh.

Executive producers David S. Goyer and Jessica Borsiczky revealed to the publication that this won’t exactly affect the story.  And to make up for it, the network has allowed Flash Forward to have a couple of specials as a peace offering.  That’s good, since a two-week postponement after months of waiting really is pushing it.

The report goes on to say that Flash Forward will be airing a two-hour midseason premiere, as well as a two-hour season finale.  Well that’s not a bad deal at all, unless it affects the much-awaited “April 29” episode.

But even Goyer can’t confirm what happens then.  “We don’t know.  That may be one of the casualties of American Idol,” he said.

Still, the minds behind Flash Forward are doing their best to boost the spirits of the fans, not to mention the ratings of the show.  A few weeks before the premiere on March 18, ABC will be airing a recap show that will include scenes that have never been aired.  It will also end in what Goyer calls a “bomb.”

When the first Flash Forward episode of 2010 airs in March, the tension continues as we get to find out just who Suspect Zero is.  What’s more, he won’t be the only baddie around.

“You’re going to start meeting some of the faces of the enemy, starting with episode 11,” Goyer told Digital Spy.  “We’ll meet a bunch of them in the second half of the season.”

With this delay, there’s no doubt Flash Forward is moving even more slowly.  We can only hope it picks up the pace, but that won’t happen until the show kicks off the second half on March 18.

Source: ABC, Zap2it, Digital Spy
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